24 Inspirational Wedding Cake Ideas


Left: Cake by The Cake Cuppery | Right: Cake by Cannaboe Confectionery

We’ve a real treat for you this afternoon in the form of the sugary, frosted, icing-laden variety. You’ll know by now we love anything to do with cake. Anything – cake stands, toppers – you name it, if it means getting to think about chocolate biscuit and the like. And there is a lot to think about – gone are the days when you automatically opted for a traditional fruit loaf with classic icing without a backward thought (although we still love them and would happily mill a slice), but there a myriad of flavours, finishes and styles vying for your attention in the wedding cake stakes that it would be rude not to consider the likes of red velvets and lemon meringue.

While wedding cakes were merely a photo op in the past, posing with your handsome new hubby or wife as you cut in to your iced creation, now they’re a feature in themselves. The cake is more than just an afterthought or the thing you tuck in to with a cuppa after a few cocktail sausages at 11pm – the cake is a work of culinary art that will often require its own special stage – it’s that amazing. Traditional iced fruit cake is still a firm favourite amongst couples but for those that love the idea of tucking in to the wealth of yummy flavours out there, there are lots of fabulous cake designers that can whip up towering masterpieces that taste divine. Here are 24 inspiring cake ideas to tickle your taste buds… (each and every one was handmade in Ireland so if you like the look of one of these fantastic designs – be sure to click on the link below it to bring you to the cake designers website!)

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Pretty Pearls (Above)

Your cake can of course say lots about you as a couple (or ahem a bride). If you love all things girly and the idea of your sweet being just that – sweet, add a sprinkling of pretty iced pearls (or a fab iced lace finish) to your tiers to give it a fresh vintage vibe. They’re also a great way of prettying up a classic white cake – you can opt for something as simple as tiny pearl details dotted across each tier, a delicate trim or go all out and order a fabulously fashionable cake full to the brim of these pretty white baubles.

The Classics


Left: Cake by A Slice of Heaven | Right: Cake by Timeless Cakes 4U

With all the fab new cake trends making their mark on the bridal world, you might feel the pressure to have a frosted gold spectacle or a cake covered in ice-graffiti. But sometimes simple can be just as sweet and it doesn’t distract people from the matter at hand – the taste! An old favourite amongst couples, a series of beautiful white layers are a chic and timeless wedding option. This traditional style of cake is the epitome of elegance and you can add gorgeous sugar details to give it a little more impact.

Dreamy Pastels


Left: Cake by Cannaboe Confectionery | Right: Cake by Maria’s Cakes

If you’re a sucker for girly, dreamy shades – you’re sure to love the pastel trend taking the wedding cake scene by storm! We adore this girly birdcage design, covered in the most delicate icing and this stack of whimsical iced layers is the stuff of cake dreams (we love the giant bow sitting on top)! The only problem is they’re almost too pretty to cut in to (but we’re sure you’ll get over to it when the slices are passed around).

Art Deco Style


Left: Cake by Eden Cake Company | Right: Cake by Cannaboe Confectionery

For those that have a penchant for the roaring 20s, and love a bit of glitz, a fab art deco inspired wedding cake will be quite the show-stopper. Think fabulous feathers, silver beading, diamante details and shimmering embellishments. For more fabulous art deco inspiration, be sure to check out our Art Deco Wedding Moodboard.

Naked Glory


Both Cakes by Cove Cake Design

For for those of you that are a tad impatient and can’t wait to get to the gorgeous layers of simple sponge underneath, the rustic trend will have you drooling. Naked cakes which are all about gorgeous rustic, unfinished layers sans icing are making waves in the wedding world this year and are sure to be a big hit with 2015 couples as well. They’re perfect for rustic brides and grooms and look amazing loaded with fresh fruits and sprinkled with icing.

A Touch of Mint


Left: Cake by Lizzie May’s | Right: Cake by Sweet Cherrie Cakes

Mint has been a big trend in weddings in recent times and it’s no wonder as this icy shade is fabulous on everything from layers of sponges to bridesmaids dresses. Pair it with golds for a gorgeous glittering wedding affair or white for a fresh, fun feel.



Left: Cake by Cove Cake Design | Right: Cake by The Cake Cuppery

As the autumn rolls round, we start to see all things metallic and glittery make their way in to the shops. Thankfully you don’t have to rock an autumn or winter wedding, to give your cake a glitzy makeover. A hint of gold will instantly transform a sweet little cake in to a glamorous spectacle and it can work for any style of bride whether you’re after a hint of vintage chic or you want modern wedding palette and cake to follow suit.

Fun Designs


Left: Cake by French Wedding Cakes | Right: Cake by Maria’s Cakes

If you’ve always fancied being the queen of your very own castle, this fun cake castle design will make you feel like quite the princess on the Big Day. There is no end to the culinary masterpieces, cake designers are not whipping up with sugar paste – just look at this adorable camper van perched on top of this 70s inspired cake, perfect for boho brides and grooms or anyone having a festival inspired bash. These fun cakes which are all about personality will play a big part in the wedding décor!



Left: Cake by A Slice of Heaven | Right: Cake by The Cake Cuppery

We love a polka dot here on weddingsonline and can think of nothing better than slicing in to a cake adorned full of these cuties. They radiate all things happy and fun so are the perfect way to embellish a cake that sums up this amazing new chapter of your life.

Floral Details


Left: Cake by Bernadette Kennelly | Cake by French Wedding Cakes

Flowers are big trend in wedding cakes this year (and just about everywhere else – floral arches, bridesmaid dresses and of course crowns for the bride, maids and the little one’s) – from iced blooms dotted across your wedding cake tiers to oversized sugar paste peonies artfully draped at the edge of your cake, there are lots of ways to integrate blooms in to your cake that will give it an oh-so-romantic finish.

Fun Shapes


Left: Cake by Maria’s Cakes | Right: Cake by Cove Cake Design

Your cake doesn’t have to have traditional round tiers – you can opt for squares or even a mix of both. For those that met in some far-flung destination, this super cute luggage cake will have you all nostalgic and is sure to get lots of Instagram action or for those that just love sharp, clean designs, opt for a geometric cake with some ultra cool stripes for a minimal or modern take on your wedding sweet.

Traditional Cake Alternatives



Top left: Cake by French Wedding Cakes | Top right: Victoria’s Heavenly Cupcakes | Above: Cake by Butterbakes

If you love your sweets but want something a little different to a traditional or classic style of cake, the good news is there are lots of options. From cake pops and Croquembouches (made of profiteroles filled with Creme Patissiere, and coated with caramelised sugar – yum!) a specialty at French Wedding Cakes to tiers of macarons (or indeed dotted across a traditional cake as decoration like above) and giant cupcakes or a whole host of mini ones, there are lots of delicious options for couples that are after the alternative.