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Ask the Experts: Which Supplier Should I Book First?


Ever wondered which supplier you should book first when you start planning your wedding? We’ve asked the real experts: wedding planners!

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Help Plan My Wedding | View Profile

The reception & ceremony venues are the most important stage of the wedding planning journey. These need to be booked first as it will determine the location and date of the wedding. Once this has been done the band, photographer and videographer should be booked as the very best ones are booked up to two years in advance.

Lyndyloo in Spain | View Profile

Here at Lyndyloo in Spain we offer our couples a viewing day to find their perfect wedding venue, once they have booked their venue the most important part of the day is to book and confirm a Minister or the person conducting the ceremony in case of a civil wedding or a Church and Priest if getting married at the Church. As we deal with weddings abroad there are not so many English speaking celebrants and Priests so we always advise to get this part of the day booked first. Everything else after this all falls into place around the ceremony.

Mary Me | View Profile

Besides the wedding planner 🙂 the venue, with no doubt.

Costa Blanca Events | View Profile

As certified and experienced wedding planners we recommend our couples to decide on the following 4 questions before doing anything else:

‘When’ is your wedding date and it may be emotional or based on climate or other reasons.

‘Where’ is the country and venue, and there are great differences in cost and organisation.

‘Who’ determines if you want to plan it yourself, or ask a wedding planner to do it for you, and this is probably one of the most ‘event-changing’ decisions.

and last but usually not less important, ‘Budget’.

Coordination Made Easy | View Profile

Hiring a wedding planner is always a good start! However, if the couple doesn’t want to go down that route yet, or would like to arrange a few things themselves first, then there some key elements that need to be sorted out before things can move along. First and foremost should be the ceremony and reception venue. These really are key to the wedding progressing and then it’s a matter of sketching in the details around them. Once these have been arranged, the next significant pieces of the puzzle are usually the photographer, videographer and band. Many couples will have a top few vendors on their wish list and as many book up in advance, it’s important to book these as early as possible.

Rocks and Roses | View Profile

The venue, definitely – everything else flows out of that and the venue sets the tone for the whole event.

Damore Wedding Design | View Profile

As a destination wedding planner specializing in Italy, any couple who wants to get married in my beautiful country should first book their wedding reception venue AND the church in the case of Catholic marriage, with special regards to the most famous areas like Tuscany, Amalfi coast and Como lake.

These areas are very popular and they have to be booked almost one year in advance prior to the required date. During the peak season, which runs generally from the end of May up to September, any location on the Amalfi coast or Como lake should be booked even one year and a half in advance to be sure to secure the wished place.

In case of Catholic marriage, my suggestion is: before securing any place for the wedding reception, check with the chosen church if it is free for the desired date since in Italy many churches are booked Saturdays and Sundays one year in advance especially between May and September.

An alternative is: have the Catholic mass celebrated during the week and/or not during peak season.

Main image credit: Stephen Neary of Help Plan My Wedding

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