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At Home Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

After being in lockdown for long enough, you’ve probably heard yourself uttering the words “Don’t look at my roots!”. As tempting as it is to dye your hair, overtweeze or mix shaving and waxing, our experts will urge you to think otherwise. Here are a few at home beauty mistakes you might not have thought to avoid! But with your wedding around the corner, now’s the time to exercise a little restraint. Your hairstylist and makeup artist will thank you.


At home beauty mistakes to avoid


Mistake: Neglecting your skincare routine

Following a good skincare routine is essential for that must-have bridal glow. Avoid neglecting your routine or following your own skincare recipe while we have no access to facials or hands-on beauty services. Many skin specialists are offering online or phone consolations during lockdown so you can still benefit from their expertise and receive your own personalised skincare prescription so your skin gets all the care it needs during this time. – Ailbhe Lynch – Makeup Artist


Mistake: Forgetting your SPF

Now that we’re experiencing a little more sun, and we’ve got more time at home, you may be finding yourself outside more! Don’t forget to use SPF each day, because even though it might not feel hot enough, UV rays can be incredibly harmful to your skin.


Mistake: Making drastic hair colour changes

Coming close to your wedding date, believe it I have seen some drastic hi-lighting overkill a week before a wedding. Experiment with colours a year before.  – Hair by Marion


Mistake: Trying to fix your own roots

Whether your roots are significantly darker than the rest of your hair, or you’ve got some greys showing up, be careful about how you cover them up. Experts will tell you to avoid hair dye altogether and wait until your hairstylist can intervene. If you are absolutely desperate, try using toners or non-permanent colour as a temporary fix.


Mistake: Cutting your own fringe

Anybody who’s ever tried to cut their own fringe has probably had at least one bad experience of accidentally cutting it too short. If you absolutely must cut your fringe, give your hairstylist a call and get some expert advice while trimming your fringe.


Mistake: Overtweezing

When it comes to tweezing, less is more. Experts will tell you to tweeze only the stray hairs and leave the rest to the pros when you’re able to see one!


Mistake: Mixing shaving and waxing

No matter how tempted you are, put the razor down. Shaving will only disrupt the natural hair growth cycle. While we’re at it, avoid at home waxing kits. There’s a lot more to hair removal than you might think, so leave it to the pros! Now is a great time to give your skin a little break, so put the razor down and let your hair grow. If you are absolutely desperate, trim your hair a little.

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