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A Blush Pink, Green and Gold Wedding in The Algarve

The light smooth blush roses with hints of greens and golds mark this beautiful inspiration board of Edel & Jonathan’s wedding.


Planner: Algarve Wedding Planners

Photographer: Pedro Bento


Inspired by the magnificent scenery of the sea and the whites from the church and venue set in fishermen between the pitoresct village of Ferragudo and the touristic city of Portimão, Edel wanted to bring out the simplicity and beauty of the landscape adding the romantic side of a wedding. It was a fairytale wedding with flowers everywhere.



The bouquet brought all the class of Edel’s dress. It fitted perfectly and she looked perfect. The Colors the style all working alongside to create this amazing day.



The church set in the seafront, allowed us to set 2 stunning gold vases to welcome the bride and the groom at the doorstep of the church and make the perfect frame for the newlyweds.



The Portuguese stones on the sidewalk and narrow streets that go from the church to the river, was the pathway chosen by the couple to show their guests a bit of history and character of this typical Portuguese village. After this mini-tour, the guests were surprised with mini boats that would take them to the venue in Portimão across the river.  What an experience.



The welcome cocktail was held in the gardens of the hotel surrounded by the river and the ocean. It was the perfect place to continue this love story and cut the beautiful cake with all the natural light of the day and the breathtaking backgrounds.

The sun was setting and it was time to enter into the romantic garden we created for Edel and Jonathan. Tables full of flowers, little and different sizes of tea lights with imponent gold chandeliers. It all came together to make it the dream that once upon a time our bride whispered into our ear.



Edel and Jonathan, we wish a lifetime of romanticism and friendship.


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