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5 Ways to Simplify Your Bridal Beauty Checklist

Among the many many things you are doing for your wedding, a beauty overhaul is somewhere near the bottom (we’re guessing). Not because of its low importance, oh no. It’s likely because many beauty regimes can be started around three months to the wedding, and still bring results. Putting it low is a bridal sanity saver, if you will.

Here is our complete downloadable bridal beauty checklist, designed as a three-month schedule. At first glance, it may look like a lot, but we promise it isn’t. Some things you will only do once, and some are optional. However, if you’d still like to simplify your whole approach, here are some steps to take.

First, let’s take a look at what the groom is up to

Is he also shaping, plucking, polishing, shaving, scrubbing and moisturising in preparation for the wedding? Like heck he is. He is doing max two of the things we just mentioned. Perhaps it’s a good idea to take a good look at his no-fuss approach and see if it could work for you too. We don’t mean ignoring the whole bridal beauty checklist, then rolling out of bed and into church, putting on the wedding dress in the car en route. It’s more like, don’t drive yourself crazy improving every part of your appearance for just one day. Either approach it tactically, or make it part of a lifestyle change rather than a one-day goal. Now, go talk to the groom.

Second, do a few things well, rather than many things poorly

This is a bit like New Year’s resolutions, where you wake up and start a whole new life from January 2nd (this never lasts, we all know it). It doesn’t work because we simply take on too much at once. So, let’s take a look at you from head to toe. You could literally change anything you want: hair style and colour, teeth, neck, stomach… heck, you could have your ears shaped and your toes shortened if you wanted to. But do you want to? How about focusing on the main areas only? Pick just top three or four things you’d really like to change, and work on those things. To the rest, give just enough attention.

For example, your three things could be hair, skin and abs. Give them all you’ve got, you’ll get the results you want, and the rest can wait.

bridal beauty checklist

Above image from Jessica & Lee’s real wedding by M&M Photography

Third, maybe it’s time for a professional opinion

You’ve tried to solve some problems before, but without a result, so you gave up. Maybe it was a skin problem, like persistent acne. Or you have been going to the gym for ages, and seeing zero results (you probably gave up already). Or dieting – you’ve tried them all, from Atkins to Weight Watchers, and nothing.

Perhaps the time has come to ask for professional advice. Instead of buying another new product at Boots, book a visit with a dermatologist. For dieting, a nutritionist. And for the gym, a personal trainer. (FYI if you are looking for some guidance, The Fitness Room specialise in personal training and small group training to help you achieve your fitness goals. PT Aoife offers training programs, nutritional guidance, support and results). This could be your shortcut to making a difference.

Image from Andrea & Odhrán’s real wedding by StephenMac Phototgraphy

Fourth, get the basics, it’s easy

Everyone hears ‘drink water’ so much, it’s easy to tune it out. But seriously, drink water. It’s good for everything: your skin, hair, digestion, mood, and many other things besides. The next thing is vitamins and Omega 3 oils. If you don’t take them yet, buy some supplements. For advice and a huge selection, the easiest place to start is somewhere like Holland & Barrett. They also sell natural hair and nails supplements if you want to give them an extra boost.

Fifth, test first, wear second

Luscious lashes! Hair extensions! A miracle new face mask! That new shiny stick thingie every celeb is using!

For your wedding day, you can have anything you want, as long as you test it first. Never ever try any new beauty trick less than a month before the wedding. Taking this risk ain’t pretty. We are talking puffy eyes, skin flare-ups, itchy scalp – precisely the things you don’t want commemorated in your wedding photos forever. A month may seem a long time, but it’s enough to let any adverse reaction clear if the test goes wrong.

So, if you want to use the bridal beauty checklist as a guide, but also adhere to these five bits of advice, go right ahead. You’ll still look gorgeous, and you’ll be more relaxed in the months leading up to the wedding too. And that is something every bride deserves.

Main image from Karen & Danny’s real wedding by Algarve Weddings by Rebecca 

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