WOL Loves: Delicate & Dainty Buttonholes

To finish off the grooms wedding day look he’ll be needing a buttonhole, or boutonniere for our readers across the pond! These little works of art are generally a reflection of the bridal bouquet and truly are perfect.

There are lots of options for the buttonhole, with most guys favouring a floral piece, which is exactly what we are sharing today – a fabulous round-up of delicate and dainty buttonholes from some of our award winning Irish florists.  Read More »


WOL Loves: 14 Romantic White Wedding Bouquets

There are lots of colours to choose from when it comes to your wedding but if you want white, that’s totally fine! White is in fact hugely popular and for great reason, romantic whites are glorious no-matter the season. A white wedding bouquet will complement any wedding dress and whilst looking beautiful, won’t draw attention away from the bride.  Read More »

Blooming Beautiful: Six Popular Bouquet Shapes Explained

Today most brides will carry a bouquet of flowers which have been carefully created by your florist to complement your bridal gown, the vibe of the day and your venue. Choosing the right shape bouquet is just as important as the flowers it holds, so today we’re sharing the most popular shapes to help guide you when it comes to your consultation with your florist.  Read More »


10 Amazing Floral Ideas To Make A Statement!

Go big or go home, right?! We are huge lovers of a statement floral moment at weddings. From overhead arches brimming with blooms, to foliage pew ends that cascade down the aisle, we love them all. Today we have ten beautiful floral ideas that will make a statement at your wedding ceremony, get ready to be inspired and don’t forget we have an amazing selection of recommended florists across Ireland – discover them here. Read More »

In-Season Spring Flowers For Your Wedding Day

We’re almost at the turn of the season, the days are getting brighter and wedding season is coming – it’s almost spring! With the brighter days come brighter flowers, so if you’re unsure of what flowers are in season during springtime, today we’re here to help…  Read More »


Fabulous Faux Flowers

If you’re considering faux flowers for your wedding day we hope to help you out today as we share three very talented floral creatives.  There are many reasons couples might choose faux flowers. Using faux will remove any worries over … Read More »

WOL Loves: Festive Bridal Bouquets

’Tis the season and we’re here for all those glorious festive bridal bouquets you’ll be carrying up the aisle!  Christmas is a magical time to tie the knot. There’s nothing better than a big celebration over the festive season to … Read More »

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