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Five Ways to Incorporate Chocolate into Your Wedding

If you don’t love chocolate, I don’t think we can be friends. Confession time: it’s 3pm and I have only eaten chocolate today. Not even upset about it. So, in the spirit of all things chocolate… here are some cute ways you can incorporate chocolate into your wedding!


Wedding favours are a lovely way to thank your guests for coming out to celebrate with you. And what better way to say Thank You than with chocolate? Lily O’Brien‘s gourmet chocolates are a firm favourite! You can personalise the boxes and the actual chocolates come in a variety of colours! Such a special treat.

Chocolate fountain

Just imagine Ireland’s tallest chocolate fountain in the centre of the room. Belgian chocolate melting right before your very eyes and in front of your guests (that’s one way to show off!). And if you’re in the mood to be a little extra, that gorgeous brown chocolatey colour could be rose gold or lovely pastel colours. Whatever you want! This is exactly why we love Chocolate Ears Vintage Chocolate Fountains!


This might seem like an obvious one, but I couldn’t leave it out. My absolute favourite way of incorporating chocolate is with a delicious, decadent chocolate cake. Everybody loves chocolate cake. Don’t correct me on this. I am a huge fan of this stunning cake by Selina’s Cakes.

Hot chocolate bar

Some people like coffee (I don’t judge those people). Some like tea (I do!). But most would be completely satisfied with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Set up a pretty mobile bar, like this gorgeous one by Collins Coffee Camp, and watch how happy your guests are.

Candy buffet

Allow your guests to grab some sweets and chocolate to munch on during the wedding! These candy buffets are also super cute and are definitely a highlight for anyone with a sweet tooth. Who wouldn’t want to walk into a wedding and see this gorgeous candy cart by Carolyn’s Sweets?

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