Custom Bobbleheads as Cake Toppers & Groomsmen Gifts

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As you plan your wedding, you’re likely to borrow inspiration from beautiful weddings you’ve been to, websites you’ve visited, and timeless themes that never go out of style. And then you some personal touches to make it your own magical, memorable day. If your style leans more towards “fun” than “traditional,” a custom bobblehead might be one of those personal touches.

Dozens of happy couples have created their own custom bobblehead to use as a cake topper or decoration. The cutting of the cake is one of the highlights later in the night and adding a little more “flavor” than just your typical wedding cake topper will have everyone talking. Whether the cake topper is designed to look like the bride and groom in their wedding dress and tux, or you design a more casual version that embodies each person, it’s something your guests will find fascinating.

Not only that, but it makes for a great keepsake! After the wedding, you can proudly display your bobblehead somewhere at home as a constant reminder of your happy day. Inscribed with the date, you’ll never forget your anniversary either!

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Not only are custom bobbleheads custom cake toppers, but they make amazing groomsmen gifts as well. Sure, you could get them money clips or flasks with their name engraved on it. But if you really want to go personal and show the guys how grateful you are to them, a custom bobblehead will totally surprise them.

Go with the classic tux look (we can make it look like your tuxes!) and customize the head to look like each groomsmen or go with a different option that makes it even more unique. From sports to professionals, we’ve got a wide range of customizable bodies so you can find something unique and personal.

Present the gifts at the bachelor party or the wedding itself, and inscribe it with the date and the name of you and your spouse. This won’t be a gift that just gets tossed in a drawer. He’ll be showing to his friends and family and displaying it proudly.

Have a look at a few examples of groomsmen bobbleheads below, or learn more about getting a groomsmen gift bobblehead discount here.

But we don’t want to leave out the ladies! If your bridesmaids would love a gift like that, we can do the same for them too! Start with our bridesmaid bobblehead, or create something completely custom.



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