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2016’s Prettiest Engagement Ring Trends Pt 1

There’s nothing that gets us more excited than seeing the new styles of engagement rings that pop up on blogs and in the weddingsonline forums every week. Just when you thought you saw the prettiest, the most glam or the most unique, something comes along to take its place! Newly engaged ladies (and lads if blings your thing!) are spoiled for choice when it comes to stunning engagement rings – almost to their detriment it may feel sometimes! So, if you’ve finally settled on your bling for life, best look away from this article lest ye start doubting yourself (you shouldn’t, you picked it for a reason!) but if you’re still toying with rose gold or platinum, oval or emerald, or going all out art deco, check out the gorgeous rings we’re currently swooning over below for some inspiration.


Three Stone Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

We’re currently obsessed with the sophisticated, dramatic emerald cut engagement rings that have popped up on the fingers of elegant fashionistas all over the world recently. A three stone emerald cut ring says chic and powerful, and is ideal for a woman with a pared back elegant style who loves her jewellery but doesn’t want it to look too complicated.

Photo credits: 1. Photo by Jessica Lorren Photography via Deer Pearl Flowers | 2. Coco Tran via SMP | 3. via SMP | 4. Lora Grady Photography


Art Deco Inspired Engagement Rings

Art deco inspired engagement rings are by far the top trend to emerge over the last few years as brides-to-be choose to opt for a unique piece that sets them apart from the solitaire wearers of the world. Antique art deco styles can be recognised from their bold geometric settings and sometimes colourful stones. These styles are perfect for a woman who loves jewellery (and possibly has a couple of other bits of bling to fit her e-ring in with!) and who wants to stand out from the crowd with something as unique as she is.

Photo credits: 1. via elegantweddinginvites | 2. via southernweddings | 3. Photo by Isabell Selby Photography | 4. designed by Heidi Gibson


Round Halo Engagement Rings

Ultra romantic round halo engagement rings are a classic for a reason. Elegant yet glamorous and completely timeless, these pieces are perfect for a bride-to-be with a chic, understated vibe and who values perpetual style above trends.

Photo credits: 1. via SMP | 2. via | 3. via tulleandchantilly | 4. via SMP


Modern Subtle Stone Engagement Rings

As with all contemporary trends, many engagement rings are moving away from overly blinging and favouring a more subdued style. Single stones of mossanite or pearl are a gorgeous choice for a simple setting like these, and work particularly well for ladies who like to stack (you know who you are!)

Photo credits: 1. Aoife O’Mahony | 2. Blue Nile | 3. via The Lane | 4. via Hey Wedding Lady


Colour Stone Engagement Rings

The colour stone engagement ring has found a new lease of life in the last few years as brides-to-be put more and more value on all things vintage. A great alternative to the diamond, colour stones such as emerald and yellow diamonds can be way more budget friendly than their super sparkly cousins, and can be fitted into a variety of unusual settings. The colour stone engagement ring is ideal for a bride who longs for something sophisticated and timeless, but that’s also a little out of left field – a bit like herself!

Photo credits: 1. via SMP | 2. via SMP | 3. via SMP | 4. Etsy

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  1. Jeff Gear says:

    Hi Karen,
    Fabulous choice of engagement rings! Some stunning options there. I particularly love you highlighting the trend for Art Deco style rings. As a jeweller myself at Gear Jewellers, I am seeing more and more brides-to-be coming into the store and opting for something different. The Art Deco styles are certainly that! A little tip to pass on to your readers – if you are on the look-out for an authentic Art Deco ring you are looking for a ring dated between 1915 and the mid-1930s. Look out for those that feature geometric patterns, as well as Egyptian, African, Oriental and American Indian motifs as these were particularly popular at the time. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, have a chat with your jeweller as there are some amazing ‘inspired by’ styles on the market today and only a true expert would know the difference!

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