Experts Dish the Dirt on Wedding Videography Packages

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Today we’re demystifying wedding videography packages. Ever wondered what you should be budgeting for your romantic wedding video? Well today, professional wedding videographers are dishing the dirt and giving you some concrete info about their prices and what’s included!


Main image credit: The Fennells


SES Digital | View Profile

Our most popular package Platinum Package includes Bridal Prep all the way up to the first dance. This is a documentary edit and totally candid with no setup shots the appropriate length of this edit is 1hr 30mim this package also included 5min Highlight Clip to share with family and friends.
Typical couples who book this package would add groom preparations or drone footage or both.
The price of this package with mentioned extras is €1400 including travel and vat.

Two Paws Video | View Profile

Most of my couples opt for full day coverage which can range from €1300. That is coverage from Bridal Prep until a few songs after first dance. Typically in terms of hours shooting, that can be from 10.30AM ’til about 10.30PM
About a month or so later the couple will get their highlight video of 7-10 minutes, then about 20 weeks or so after that, they’ll have their full video and a separate video with their speeches.
The full video, or ‘Feature’ as I call it, is all the best parts of their day condensed into a film of between 30 and 40 minutes. My approach to this edit is, ‘All Killer, No Filler.’ I don’t want my couples to want to skip a second of the video, so it’s a ride that they get on and ride all the way through until the last dodgy dance move has been displayed and the smiles are stuck on their faces.

Bride & Groom Films | View Profile

Prices range from 2 -3K plus.  I’ve three packages, the top two being the most popular.  They’re on the website, where you can read everything that’s included.  You can fully customize any package to your requirements, and there’s a feature on the website where you can build your own package from the ground up.  Generally speaking, I’m shooting from the bridal prep to the first few dances of the night, and then proving a short (4 – 8 mins) and a feature film edit (1 – 2 hours) online.  Couples can order physical media (DVD/Blu-ray/USB) if they want to, and a choice of physical media is included in the top package.

The Fennells | View Profile

Hours vary, locations, coverage, etc. Coverage couples require can vary greatly from 4 hours to 10 hours so we don’t make prices public as we prefer to see whats involved and tailor make a quote. This allows us to customise to suit a couples requirements.

ER Films | View Profile

Our main, most popular package is “Premium Package” €1600. The couple will get two films:
– 1. Documentary film edited in a chronological order which can be anywhere between 50 minutes and 1.5 hours. Depends on the day events, length of speeches, etc.
    – 2. Cinematic Highlight film. 4 – 7 minute Cinematic film with dialogue edit. Length of this film perfect as it is long enough to include the entire story of the day, but short enough to captivate anyone and perfect to share it online with your friends and family.
We usually start filming 2 hours before we should live for the ceremony, and finish after the first dance. All our packages include drone* if possible and its delivered to your doorstep on custom crafted USB flash drive. We also upload cinematic highlight films online, we give our couples private link so they can see it first and share it with their closes friends and family if they wish for. I aim to deliver my films in a  5 – 12 weeks window. (2-4 month is average for experienced and busy Filmmaker)
Our starting package is €1400 and it includes Full day of filming, one film – Cinematic highlight film and speeches in full on the separate video file.
We also have an extra option like Second Videographer which can increase the quality of your film and coverage in general. Instagram trailers, etc.

Tall Tales | View Profile

We offer a couple of different packages. Prices usually start at €1,700 but I am running a special offer at the moment for €1,250. This package includes a full days shooting from bridal preparations right through till the first few dances. I will shoot the entire day and include some scenes with the drone (if possible). I deliver two films; one a short cinematic highlights clip (like the ones on my website) and another longer documentary style piece that includes speeches, vow exchanges and lots of other great moments that didn’t make it into the highlights clip.