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Girls with Curls: Bridal Hair Inspiration


Brides with curly hair probably already know how unpredictable curls can be! So, who better to talk to about this than a wedding hair and curl expert. We had a chat with Cathy McNulty from Bridal Hair and she’s got some helpful tips on hair care, specifically for brides with curls.


What advice do you give to curly-haired brides who intend to straighten their hair for the wedding day?

On the lead up be really generous with your hair care routine to get your hair into optimum condition. Treat your naturally textured or curly hair with products specific to your hair type that will nourish, strengthen and smoothen your hair.

Curls that are of the optimum condition will be smooth and shiny and defined, therefore being thoroughly hydrated and supporting a straight style. Be realistic with this and go with a style that you know will last according to your own curl type. Of course plan ahead for the weather. If on the day the weather is not curl-kind, you know your style won’t last. I advise having a realistic backup hairstyle. (Most naturally curlies won’t risk this)

Do you have any recommended methods for keeping curls from going frizzy throughout the wedding day?

To achieve perfectly defined curls that remain smooth throughout the day starts with healthy hair. Following a specific curl hair care regime, not only months prior to your wedding day but how you style your hair every day prior to drying is key.  Like your skin, it takes time to get it wedding ready, as does the natural curl texture of your hair. The products should be curl-kind and contain essential ingredients that are selected according to your curl type. Also having your hair cut curl by curl allows the hair to fall into a really great shape.

Shampoo, combs, and towels all contribute to frizz so using a “co-washing” method, microfibre towels and finger combing the products through are all essential steps in achieving perfectly smooth, glossy curls. When your curls receive regular hydration and nourishment all that will be required to eliminate any signs of frizz is a little hydration so keep at hand a travel-sized curl defining gel or curl creme that can be used neat on any areas of your hair that may require a little attention.  

We all know that curls can be unpredictable, so how do you take unpredictable curls and turn them into a gorgeous wedding day hairdo?

This all begins with understanding the curl texture and type. Everyone’s curl is different and you may have combination curl patterns so choose a hairstylist who understands this and knows how to manipulate your curl type in various forms and textures that will withstand heat, drizzle, dancing and everything else that a wedding hairstyle has to endure over the wedding day. Happy curls and healthy curls can only be achieved with the foundational prepping. No two curls are the same.


Any expert tips on how brides can prepare their hair the night before or the morning of the wedding before the hairstylist arrives?

This will be discussed at the time of the hair trial.  Many brides who straighten their hair may need to use straighteners to get a really smooth finish.  The disadvantage of this is that it leaves the hair inflexible and often quite difficult to achieve any volume. If you do opt for a straighter style I suggest a full blow dry and sleeping with your hair tied up to prevent friction and frizz while you sleep. Of course, sleeping on a satin pillowcase is ideal!

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