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Make-up & Hair Trends for 2014 – What Brides Want & Products You Should Try

Above, make-up and hair by The Powder Room Girls

Bridal hair and make-up is a topic we just can’t get enough of… and of course, at the start of the year, there’s nothing we like more than to find out what future brides are looking and asking for. And why is that? Because when it comes to hair and make-up, it’s the brides who are the real trendsetters! To get the latest juicy news, we’ve turned to the experts from Powder Room Girls – Rhona Cullinan, award-winning bridal make-up artist and author of Ireland’s first make-up book ‘Look Good Feel Good’, and Susan Peggs, one of Ireland’s leading up-style professionals.

Susan says: “Bridal hair has gone through quite a transition lately, with the barrel curls and structured, rigid styles pretty much gone. Over the last two years, the brides are definitely leaning more towards vintage up-dos, but with a soft modern twist. Birdcage veils and large glitzy hair combs are some of the most popular things the brides are adding to their hair to finish the look.”

The other trend is the very messy ‘just pinned up’ look. I call it the ‘organised messy up-style’. It looks less-than-perfect on purpose, and with the freestyle texture and body it results in a very romantic and pretty look. While it may give the care-free impression that the bride styled it herself, it does in fact take an artistic hand, good skills and reliable styling products to ensure it stays up all day and night while looking unfailingly fresh.”

“Going all the way towards relaxed, many of my brides are asking for a brushed-out curled look. The great thing about it is that it can be done in many different ways, from a very soft Hollywood starlet curl to a classic 1940’s deep wave style. Even if a bride’s hair doesn’t hold curls easily there are lots of curling methods available to ensure the style stays beautiful throughout the day.”

hair trends 2014

Styles by Powder Room Girls

And what about the make-up – what’s new in trends, and which products do the professionals recommend the most? Rhona says: “I’m definitely noticing a trend for a stronger, statement look. More brides are asking for strong eyes plus fresh glowing foundation to make their skin look flawless. If you’re doing the strong eye look at home, make sure to go easy with the liner under the eyes, as it could end up looking very heavy in daylight while you’re wearing a white dress.

The vintage influences are holding strong, with a flicked liner look and red lips. I have to say that this is a good look for those who have the confidence to pull it off – or if you love red colour and often wear it, then this could be the right look for you on the wedding day as well.

The best way to try out your wedding make-up is while wearing a white top – this way you’ll be able to tell right away whether it’ll suit you in a wedding gown.”

Here are some of Rhona and Susan’s recommendations for hair and make-up products to try – not just for your wedding day, but every day!

For your hair

hair products for 2014 brides

Above, from left: QOD Hair Treatment | Tigi Bedhead Candy Fixations Sugar Shock Spray | Tigi Bedhead Superstar Queen for a Day | Hair style by Powder Room Girls

For amazingly accentuated waves and curls, plus frizz and flyaway control, and amazing body and fullness, try Tigi Bedhead Candy Fixations Sugar Shock Bodyfying Spray – can be used on wet or dry hair.

If your hair is fine, or you’re having too many hat-head days lately (who isn’t, in this soggy weather?), Tigi Bedhead Superstar Queen for a Day could be just what the stylist ordered. With this styling spray, you get texture, body and volume all in one – bigger is the way to go.

And for a serious treatment that lasts up to whopping 16 weeks – perfect for pre-wedding gorgeousness – consider QOD Hair Treatment. It’s so worth splashing out on this one – it does everything from de-frizzing and smoothing, to adding silky shine and helping your hair grow. You can do it at home, although it’s highly recommended to get a professional treatment at a salon for the maximum benefits. And, if you’re doing it with Powder Room Girls, you get to take home the shampoo and conditioner for a lovely added touch.

For your face

make up for 2014 brides

Above, clockwise from top left: Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Mono Blush | Estée Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation | No 7 Skin Illuminator | Benefit Hoola Bronzer | Smashbox Photofinish Clear Primer | Art Deco Perfect Teint Concealer

Smashbox Photofinish Clear Primer – goes on your face before anything else, and you won’t believe how much smoother your foundation will go on – and how much longer it will stay on – with this incredible silicone-like formula. Ideal for your wedding, or for everyday use.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation – oil-free and incredibly effective at covering up blemishes, you won’t even need powder when you use this magic liquid. Apply it as heavy or as light as you like, it’ll last up to 16 hours. Due to this strong coverage, be sure to use a good moisturiser at night after you remove it.

Art Deco Perfect Teint Concealer – if you’re prone to redness (and who isn’t, in this weather?), this is going to be your best mate. Fighting red with the power of yellow, this concealer sorts out everything from red blotches and blemishes, to under-eye circles and those tiny red lines, that seem to be so much more visible in the winter.

No 7 Skin Illuminator – No 7 can’t collect enough praise these days – it seems like everyone’s raving about it! This highlighter is no exception, garnering great reviews online. And it’s no wonder because it gives gorgeous healthy and that just-been-on-holiday dewy glow to your skin. It can be used to highlight cheekbones, or mix with your foundation for a subtle all-over glow.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer – this is, like most Benefit products, really worthy of a place in your make-up bag – especially if you have a paler complexion. It comes with an angled brush ideal for perfect application every single time. We recommend blending it under your cheekbones to give fantastic dimension to your look.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Mono Blush – if you’re a quintessential Irish beauty, then you simply must try this blusher in Santa Rose – it’s ideal for Irish skin tones. But, no matter which colour you choose, the gentle soft pigment will give your cheeks a beautiful natural glow with just a kiss of colour – something we all need to keep us glowing until spring time.

For your eyes

the best eye make-up for 2014 brides

Above, clockwise from top left: MAC eyeshadows | Inglot eyeshadows | L’Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara | Inglot eyeshadows | MAC Fluidline Gel Eyeliner

MAC and Inglot Eyeshadows – we had to put these two together, because we simply can’t decide which one is our favourite… they both are absolutely fabulous. MAC has a long-standing brilliant reputation in the market, and Inglot isn’t inferior in any way. They both last for hours, have a great selection of colours, and you can choose your own palettes too – what’s not to love?

MAC Fluidline Gel Eyeliner – you’ve done pencils, you’ve done brushes, you’ve done smudges… it’s time to get artistic and go with the best choice there is right now – GEL. This fab product does more than just line your eyes – it turns it into a masterpiece. Use with an angled liner, or a thin brush to glide it onto your eyes for everything from super thin lines to those gorgeous cat’s eye flicks. And the best part is, it dries in seconds so you don’t have to worry about opening your eyes to check where you’re at – it won’t leave marks.

L’Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara – this amazing mascara will make you look and feel like you’re wearing fake lashes, without all the hassle. It doesn’t smudge at all, so really suits sensitive or watery eyes (perfect for your wedding day, which often is overwhelmingly emotional). It’s a two-step application, first a white coat to visibly lengthen your lashes, then the colour goes on top. To remove, you just need warm water and it comes off like fake lashes, so you don’t get any panda eyes. This is seriously good stuff.

For your lips

the best lipsticks for 2014

Above, from left: L’Oreal Glam Shine Lip Gloss | MAC Pro Longwear Lipstick

MAC Pro Longwear Lipstick – there’s a reason MAC enjoys such a good reputation… because it does what it says on the box. Or in this case, on the lipstick – when it says ‘long wear’, it means exactly that. The colour selection is excellent, it won’t dry out your lips, and it lasts all day long – perfect for an occasion (like a wedding, whether you’re the bride or a guest), or for busy girls who don’t want to keep running to the powder room to re-apply their lippy.

L’Oreal Glam Shine Lip Gloss – as the name suggests, this great little tube combines shine and gloss with colour, for a lovely effect. The hues range from pale pink to almost plum, and it comes with a sponge applicator. The best thing about it is how well it lasts – it definitely stands out amongst other lip glosses out there. A definite fave!

For more info on Rhona and Susan, or to find out if they have your wedding date free, check out the Powder Room Girls weddings online profile page.

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