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Special Wedding Moments To Bring A Smile To Your Face

Weddings are a day filled with love, laughter and happy times that you will want to remember for the rest of your life. As wedding photographers it is Couple Photography‘s job to capture these moments and they can’t help but love those photos that encapsulate the joy of your special day. What is it exactly that makes people smile at weddings? Here is a list of moments that are sure to bring a smile to people’s faces at weddings.


The Bridal Party busting out the champagne

Nothing gets the giggles out like the girls getting ready on the morning of the wedding. PJ’s on, champagne in hand, giggling all the way through as they get glammed up for the big day.


The Men and their youtube tutorials

Most people think the bridal party has the hardest part the morning of the wedding but have you seen men googling how to tie a wedding bow to a car? How to attach a boutonniere to a suit? Or even how to tie a dickie bow? It can get confusing at times for them, but it definitely brings out a laugh or two.


A pint to calm the nerves

It can be quite nerve-wracking the morning of your big day and nothing calms the nerves and brings out the smiles quite like a pint in the bar before the ceremony begins.


Catching up with those relatives you haven’t seen since the last wedding

Weddings are a great opportunity to connect with the friends and family you rarely have the opportunity to see. Catching up with them is surely going to bring about some amusing memories.


Finally saying I Do

Anticipation has been building up for months. There have been lots of different emotions in the lead up to the big day, but the relief of  finally  saying ‘I Do’ brings out smiles all around.


The best man’s speech

Nothing gets the crowd smiling like a Cheshire cat more than the best man’s speech. They know the groom better than the groom knows himself and will be sure to reveal some fun stories to get everyone in the crowd going.


Letting loose on the dance floor

At the end of the night when  pints have been enjoyed and the DJ or band is playing tunes everyone livens up and lets loose on the dance floor. This is the part of the night that brings the most joy and laughter and we love to see everyone bust a move.


These are just some of our favourite moments that brings out everyone’s best smiles at weddings.

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