Wedding Beauty Treatments and Where to Get them in Ireland

Hair, Make Up & Beauty

If you are getting married soon and you want to look and feel your absolute best, well, you’re in the right place! Today we are talking about wedding beauty treatments. More than just your at-home facial or the mani and pedi you’ll get right before the Big Day. We’re talking about wedding beauty treatments that have a longterm effect on your health, wellbeing and overall confidence. Today we’re covering weight loss, fat loss, and skincare. Take a peek at the options available to you and get in touch with any of the fabulous specialists included.

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For weight loss: Cleo 121 Diet

The One to One Diet by Cambridge is a 6 step meal replacement plan. With the help of your own consultant, Cleo, you will go through weight loss to stabilisation and then onto maintenance. One of the bonuses is the huge variety of products. You’ve got porridge, smoothies, shakes, soups, bars, bites and a range of savoury meals. Cleo is there to help you have a better relationship with food and to keep you accountable with weekly weigh-ins and regular measurements done virtually.

For fat loss: Cryosculpt

Cryosculpt is for fat loss, specifically. If you are within your desired weight, you are eating relatively healthily, exercising regularly, but still struggling to target the annoying areas of fat, this is for you. Cryosculpt targets the areas that diet and exercise can’t reach. It is safe, non-invasive, fully insured, and can be carried out during your lunch break.

Bespoke skin treatments: Eyrebrushed Skin Clinic

The Eyrebrushed Skin Clinic team, led by Emma Hogan Eyre, is committed to providing bespoke skin treatments and prescribed home care plans to support your skincare results. Our approach is tailored to your skin, with in-depth skin consultations in person and online, a bespoke treatment plan with home care is put in place to address your particular skin type and your skin concerns. We use a wide array of facial treatments, active skincare brands, award winning technology and massage techniques to deliver long term results for our clients. We offer ongoing support to our clients throughout their skin journey.

For non-surgical skincare: Celebrate Skin

Celebrate Skin is a superior skin clinic where the customer experience is of focus. Mary Kearney, propietor, specialises in advanced skin treatments. Throughout her career she has worked in leading Australian and Irish clinics gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience. For Mary, every client interaction is the opportunity to educate, provide specialised care and guide her client through that particular stage in their journey.


Aesthetic and non-surgical aesthetic skin treatments: Ailesbury Skin

Why not book yourself and/or your bridal party in for a FREE Morning, Afternoon or Evening of your choice were we will provide you with a VIP Private Skin Consultation/Analysis with our skin specialist who will map out your bespoke skin health plan using our skin analysis machine to pin-point your exact needs. You are not obliged to sign up to anything on the day – but why not have some fun with it and enjoy prosecco and strawberries while getting THE BEST advice for healthy, glowing skin on the run up to your big day!

AND… Avail of our Complimentary 30 min Hyaluronic Infused Facial Treatment with Red Light Therapy.


For hypnotherapy: D4 Clinic

Are you trying to lose weight for your Big Day? Perhaps you want to quit smoking, reduce anxiety or overcome insomnia? The experts at D4 Clinic can help you with all of these things through hypnotherapy. You can choose to meet with Jason O’Callaghan and his team face to face in Dublin or online. The team offers both personalised and pre-recorded clinical hypnotherapy sessions from Ireland to clients around the world.