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Experts Tips on How to Pose for Wedding Photos

Weddings, crazy, fun, spontaneous ? But, for some brides and grooms when it comes to posing for those romantic pictures together, they can lose all sense of spontaneity.  After all, it’s not every day you get followed around by a professional photographer. Couples can often feel awkward when posing for their wedding photos.
We have asked Couple Photography who are no.1 wedding photographers for weddingsonline to give you some help. Ros knows a thing or two about what looks good in a viewfinder.

Here are a few of her key pointers…

When kissing, get in there, don’t make it a half-hearted effort. Take arms from your sides and around each other.  Hold the kiss and even close those eyes for maximum effect.
Don’t be rushing the photos, you will be sharing the rest of the day with friends and family so use those valuable 20 minutes for each other.  Gaze into each other’s eyes, not at the camera.  A gentle caress of each other’s faces makes the moment more romantic and loving.
Bring in laughter to your photos, joke around with each other and with your photographers.  The more relaxed you are, the easier you will find it to express yourselves and show how you feel.
Let your photographer come up close for more impactful photos.  It shows more intimacy with no distracting background.
Don’t always stand side by side, let one of you stand in front and the other come in close from behind. Nuzzle those faces in. Doesn’t matter if one of you is hidden by the other at times, it creates more mystery.
Hold hands, the easiest pose for a couple to do.  You can be walking or looking straight to camera as well.
Look for different perspectives on the day.  Try some shots sitting down if the ground is dry. It doesn’t mark the dress. A field, stone wall, riverbank or staircase is amazing.
Practice your first dance, in an empty room, beach or field – movement in the wedding dress always looks good in the camera.
For Couple Photography, it’s all about “being in that moment”.  Is there anything else more romantic than a couple with their arms entwined around each other. But don’t stress, Ros and Anna, the dream team are always there to help you on the day if you need it.
Take a look at their amazing work and photographic style on and check your wedding date with them as I know they are very busy girls……
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