10 Fab Foodie Favours Guests Will Want

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Hands down one of the most popular favours at weddings has to be of the food and drink variety! Guests defo won’t forget to munch on some sweets you’ve popped by their place setting, will be only too happy to stop by the ice cream van or coffee cart for a treat post-ceremony and will make sure to pack that store cupboard staple in their bag. There are some fab foodie favours that will always go down a treat and we’ve rounded up 10 of the best below. And if you’re looking to put together some cute packages or make them look extra special, Irish stores Favour Lane and Congratulations.ie have all you need to make them look the part from mini heart buckets and hessian and burlap pouches to cute boxes, organza bags and all manner of gorgeous labels and tags.

1. Treat Guests to a Hot Drink After the Ceremony with Bean & Gone – Mobile Cafe Bar

If you’re a bit of a coffee connoisseur, have a mobile coffee bar like Bean & Gone stop by after the ceremony to treat your guests to lattes, cappuccinos or teas so they’ve something nice and toasty to sip on as they mingle or for their journey to the reception. Find out more about Bean & Gone here!

2. Or a Nostalgic 99

Photo by Denlo Photography

Or if you’re a big ice cream fab, an ice cream van or cart popping by would be equally as cool. A great way to fill that post-ceremony lull, guests will be delighted to tuck in to a 99 or a scoop of their fave flavour.

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JG’s Ice Cream | Adare Farm Ice Cream Cart | Smith’s Ice Cream Vans | Carolyn’s Sweets

3. A Candy Buffet is a Great Treat

Photo from Julie & Sean’s wedding by Michelle Prunty Photography

Guests will love being able to pop over to the candy buffet for a bit of a sugar hit after a couple of hours on the dance floor or load up on jellies for the taxi ride home.

Candy Buffet Suppliers

EventSource.ie | Carolyn’s Sweets | Candy Couture Sweet Boutique | Party Food 4U | Enchanting Events

4. Mints Always Come in Handy (And How Cute is the Mint-to-Be Slogan)

Photo via Emerald & Elder on Etsy

This is a practical and cute idea guests will adore – leave out baskets of mints with adorable ‘Mint to Be’ labels on them in honour of the Big Day! If you’re not mad on mints, you can have sachets of peppermint tea as another sweet alternative.

5. Crisp Sambo Kits Will Hit the Spot Come Midnight or the Morning After

Photo by Denlo Photography

This trend has really taken off in the last few years and we’re right behind it. Whether you leave out batches for guests to devour that evening after a few hours dancing their socks off, or have individual favours guests can take home (Carolyn’s Sweets can supply you with Tayto or King packs guests can enjoy the morning after!), they are sure to be a big hit.

6. Chocolates Always Go Down a Treat

Simple but tasty, guests can never resist chocolates. If you’re looking to get some cute and yummy takeaway choccies, pop over to Lily O’Brien’s who specialise in individual weddings favours (we’re guessing they probably won’t make it past dinner time!). Find out more here.

7. Treat Guests to an Adorable Jar Filled with Yummy Carrot Cake

Homemade in Co. Kildare, guests defo won’t forget to take this adorable and tasty favour with them. The Carrot Cake Lady makes the most delicious, moist, light carrot cake in a jar – it comes with its own little wooden spoon attached and personalised sticker so guests can easily take it home (or tuck in there and then if they can’t resist!). Find out more here.

8. Store Cupboard Staples like Homemade Jam Won’t Be Left Behind

Photo by Michelle Fiona Photography via Hello May

Store cupboard staples like jam make great favours and if you’re a bit of a whizz in the kitchen (or you can rope in a talented family member), you could even make batches of a homemade favourite yourself.

9. Let Guests Enjoy a Take Home Drink on You

Photo by Bonnallie Brodeur

If you’re keen for guests to leave with something, a practical gift like sachets of your favourite tea, coffee beans or even little hot chocolate kits will go down a treat, particularly at winter weddings.

10. Share Your Absolute Favourites with Everyone

Photo via Mavora on Etsy

If you’re looking to bring some personality to your Big Day, this is a really cute way to go about it. Share samples of your absolute faves with your guests – His & Hers style (or His & His/Hers & Hers) whether it’s nuts, jellies, chocolates or anything else that you’ve a soft spot for!