Wedding Wednesday: Creative Date Night Ideas For Couples [Episode Sixteen]

Your best date nights don’t have to consist of spending lots of money on fancy food (unless that’s what you love!). Our list includes lots of free, affordable and at-home date ideas. Read More »


Wedding Wednesdays: Which Season is Best For Weddings? [Episode Fifteen]

Getting married is a magical thing, no matter when you do it! But there are benefits to each season of the year, flowers that bloom particularly beautifully and weather-dependent activities you can embrace. If you’re not sure when to tie the knot, or you’ve picked a date but you want to include seasonal activities, then this week’s podcast episode is for you!  Read More »

Wedding Wednesdays: Things Guests Hate at Weddings [Episode Fourteen]

You’ll never please everyone, but there are some things guests hate at weddings so it’s helpful to pay attention to them! Read More »


Wedding Wednesdays: How To Plan Your Wedding Day Timeline [Episode Thirteen]

Join me and self-professed “wedding lover”, Everita Kenny as we help you plan out your wedding day timeline! Grab a notebook and pen so you can take notes or refer to the episode breakdown. Read More »

Wedding Wednesdays: Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas for Sustainability-Conscious Couples [Episode Twelve]

Sustainability-conscious couples, today we’re sharing a ton of oh-so-simple ways you can make sure you’ve got ethics at the heart of your Big Day. Read More »


Wedding Wednesdays: How to Avoid Awkward Gaps of Time on Your Wedding Day [Episode Eleven]

Today I’m sharing a few really practical things you can do to make sure there are no awkward gaps of time where your guests are sitting around wondering what to do. Read More »

Wedding Wednesdays: How To Get Legally Married in Ireland, Part Two [Episode Ten]

We’re back with Part Two because we know you have lots of questions about how to get legally married in Ireland. A HUGE thank you to Romy McAuley and Louise Bradshaw for joining us again and sharing their incredible expertise! Read More »