10 Things to Remember to Do on Your Big Day

After months of planning, finally arriving at your wedding day is beyond exciting! It’s a fun-filled, action packed day that you will never forget so to help you get the most out of it, we’ve rounded up a list of 10 things to remember to do on your Big Day! Read More »


Do I Have To Ask My Dad To Walk Me Down The Aisle?

One of the most asked wedding etiquette questions is: Do I have to ask my dad to walk me down the aisle? In short: No, you do not. Read More »

5 Things to Think About Before You Set Your Wedding Date

Before you jump head first and mark the calendar with a date you have a think about these key tips…  Read More »


How to Navigate Wedding Planning With Divorced Parents

Wedding etiquette is already pretty tricky to navigate. Throw in divorced parents – and the added drama – and things can get awkward. While each family and each situation is unique, we’ve got some helpful tips for you so you can remain calm. Read More »

Here’s Why You Should Get a Photobooth For Your Wedding

We think a photobooth is a fab way to break the ice, get your guests laughing together and keeping the atmosphere alive! Read More »


Wedding Splurges You’ll Never Regret

While there are lots of creative ways to save money, there will also be a few items you should put at the top of your wedding budget priority list. If you splurge in all the right places, you won’t regret it. Read More »

Wedding Etiquette for Guests: Do’s and Don’ts

There are lots of unspoken rules to think about and nobody would blame you if you’ve never heard of any of them. We’ve made it easy for you by writing out the wedding etiquette for guests. Read More »

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