Five Colour Mistakes To Avoid

Deciding in the colours that will  make up your wedding look is not always an easy task. For some couples they’ll know exactly what shade they want, but for others it won’t be so straight-forward. There are just so many … Read More »


Is It OK to Keep Gifts from Uninvited Wedding Guests?

You’ve already had to have those awkward conversations, telling your loved ones they are no longer invited. But there’s one more question on your mind: Is it OK to keep gifts from uninvited wedding guests?  Read More »

Here’s Why You Should Consider a Bridal Boudoir Shoot

A bridal boudoir shoot involves the bride posing for intimate photos with a professional photographer. This is a tasteful shoot, where the bride can wear lingerie or other sexy attire. The poses are often very playful and sensual, but classy.  Read More »


How to Get Ready on Your Wedding Day

If you have no idea where to start, we’d love to tell you how to get ready on your wedding day. Take a peek at our five expert tips! Read More »

Toast Starters, Other Than “For anyone who doesn’t know me”

These toast starters are here to prevent you from using the dreaded six words: “For anyone who doesn’t know me.” Read More »


Your Wedding Stationery Shopping List

From save the dates to thank you cards, our handy wedding stationery shopping list will make sure you don’t forget a thing.  Wedding planning comes with a long to-do list! You’ve to consider your ceremony, reception, each individual supplier, your … Read More »

Social Media Wedding Etiquette for Guests

There are lots of grey areas when it comes to social media wedding etiquette and you may have lots of questions! We’ve made a list of the unspoken rules… Read More »

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