One Month To Go! Your Wedding Checklist For Your Last Few Days

Congratulations! You’ve made it to your 30 day countdown. With just one month to go, here’s your wedding checklist so you don’t forget anything important.  Read More »


How To End Your Wedding Toast

As with all wedding speeches and toasts, you’ve got to have a strong start (more tips on this here), and something funny or sentimental in the middle. But how do you end your wedding toast? Read More »

8 Wedding Traditions To Forget

We say it lots, your wedding should be planned and executed your way. Sure, there are plenty of wedding traditions that some couples choose to carry into their day, but if you decide not to uphold them, that is absolutely fine, don’t feel peer pressure if they’re not for you. Sometimes you can feel like you want to keep everyone happy but really you only have the legal part of getting married to adhere to, nothing else.  Read More »


Single-Use Plastics You Can Remove From Your Wedding (And What To Do Instead)

We’re thrilled to see so many couples looking for sustainability-conscious ways to host their Big Day! If you’re planning an eco-friendly wedding, there are a few oh-so-simple ways you can remove common single-use plastic items from your wedding. Take a peek at the helpful alternatives you can use instead. Read More »

How To Add Colour To Your Wedding

If you want to create a fun and vibrant wedding, then colour is your friend. If you want to add colour to your wedding, take a look at our simple and very practical tips.  Read More »


How To Choose Your Destination Wedding Location

Lots of couples dream of having their wedding day in exotic climes and it’s easy to understand why. With fabulous food, glorious sun and cracking culture to embrace, getting married away from home will definitely be a memorable experience.  Read More »

Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Choosing your wedding venue is a big task and a super fun one too! There’s a lot to consider, so keep on reading to make sure you don’t make these mistakes when choosing your wedding venue… Read More »

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