15 Things You Don’t Want to Forget in your Budget

If you plan your budget correctly and thoroughly you’ll soon get to all the exciting parts like choosing your venue and shopping for the dress. One thing, or rather 15 things we don’t want you to forget are hidden costs – never thought about what they could be? Let us share our insider secrets to ensure you don’t get caught out…

Why Pay More for a Wedding Photographer When You Can Pay Less?

Lately, I’ve heard many horror stories from my friends in the wedding industry—makeup artists, videographers, and hairdressers—about newbie wedding photographers at weddings. So, I wanted to share some honest thoughts on why you should think twice before opting for a cheaper wedding photographer.

How To Save For Your Wedding – Without Loosing The Fun!

Once the excitement of your engagement settles and the reality of planning – and paying for – a wedding begins, it’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed. We get it, and hope todays top tips on saving for your wedding, without loosing any of the fun in your life, will help ease any stresses you may be feeling. 

Ask The Experts: What Does Wedding Hairstyling Cost?

What does wedding hairstyling cost? As you create your wedding budget, it’s important to factor in all your beauty costs, including wedding hairstyling. 

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How To (Politely) Ask For A Cash Wedding Gift

The subject of asking for a cash wedding gift creates some of the most heated discussions brides ever engage in. The opinions range from just a mild ‘it’s totally ok’ shrug to comments like ‘it’s deeply offensive’. So where does today’s world of weddings stand on this subject, exactly?

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Ask The Experts: What Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

What do wedding flowers cost? This is something many couples simply have no reference point for! If you’re in the same boat and you’re trying to piece together your wedding budget, then having an understanding of the different types of flowers and what everything costs will be a huge help to you!

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Five Tips To Keep Your Wedding Budget On Track

Every couple planning their wedding day should have a budget. We would argue that you should spend a good portion of your planning journey using your budget as a guide, but we understand that the heart can sometimes take over!
To keep your budget at the forefront of planning, without removing the fun we’ve got five tips to keep your budget on track and get the most from it…

Seven Things To Think About Before Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Every decision you make during your wedding planning journey will have an impact on the overall look, feel and vibe of the day. Probably the biggest decision will be the venue you choose. The space has the ability to set the tone for the day, so it’s a big deal you get your decision right! 

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Clever Ways To Stick To Your Wedding Budget

It’s one thing to create a wedding budget and a totally different thing to actually stick to it. So, if you’ve already got your figures on a spreadsheet, here are some clever ways to stick to your wedding budget…

Seven Tips To Keep Your Budget Under Control

With the average wedding sitting budget around €30,000 (check out our latest survey results for lots of golden advice), knowing how too look after it is vital to ensure you keep your head above water and don’t sink all your hard-earned cash in the wrong areas! 

Take a deep breath and step away from the spreadsheet – today we’ve got seven helpful tips to help keep your budget under control. 

Nifty Ways To Save For Your Day

Once the excitement of getting engaged is over and the reality of actually planning a wedding begins, you’ll probably learn one thing very quickly – weddings are expensive! Of course you can save money on elements of the wedding day,

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Why You Need A Wedding Budget!

When you begin your wedding planning journey, and you’re still in a crazy excited bubble of just getting engaged, it can be all too easy to get carried away, dreaming of your Big Day – we’ve been there! What you

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10 Clever Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Weddings are costly, there’s no way of prettying up that fact! But it’s good to remind yourself, they only have to cost what you are willing and able to spend. Today we have 10 clever ways to save you money

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How To Make Sure You Actually Stick To Your Wedding Budget

If you’ve already got your figures on a spreadsheet, here’s how to make sure you actually stick to your wedding budget…

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Wedding Expenses You Might Not Be Prepared For

We’ve created a list of all the wedding expenses you might not be prepared for, so you can factor them in! 

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Wedding Wednesdays: Creating A Wedding Budget [Episode Three]

In order to work out what your wedding budget is and how you want to divide it up, there are seven questions you can ask. In this episode, we go through all seven questions and help you work out what your priorities are!

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Unexpected Costs During Wedding Planning

It’s very easy to let your heart rule over your head when you’re planning your wedding. Costs can spiral out of control if you don’t stick to your budget, and that is something we are keen to don’t do.  To

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Simple Steps To Create Your Wedding Budget

Planning your dream wedding day begins with a great foundation, creating a well considered wedding budget. At first it may seem very overwhelming and cause you some stress but by using our simple steps you’ll be a planning pro in

Splurge or Save: Wedding Edition

It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive. The real secret is that it’s possible to save money in areas that matter less to you! Today we’re breaking it down for you on just where to splurge or save. 

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