14 Wedding Cakes With Winter Charm

Your wedding cake will be the centrepiece of your reception – whether you choose fancy or plain, tall or small, it’s sure to be a talking point amongst your guests! And don’t forget the famous cutting the cake photo opp! … Read More »


WOL Loves: 15 Fabulous Wedding Cake Masterpieces

The sweetest highlight on your wedding day is of course the wedding cake. We know that as well as tasting fabulous, your wedding cake should be a real showstopper – it is the centrepiece of the reception after all! Today … Read More »

Six Tips For Having a Cheese Wedding Cake

Today we’re chatting all things cheese wedding cakes, because not everyone has a sweet tooth!  If you’re a big cheese lover, having a wedding cake made of the stinky stuff might be an obvious choice, but where do you start? … Read More »


Seven Tips to Help Choose your Cake

There are much harder decisions to make when you’re wedding planning, but choosing your cake is one of the extra exciting ones! Cake tasting afternoon, anyone?!  Today we’ve got seven tips to help you make those choices to ensure everyone … Read More »

How to Preserve the Top Tier of Your Wedding Cake for Your First Anniversary

How to wrap, freeze and thaw the top tier of your wedding cake! Read More »


10 Perfect All White Wedding Cakes

No matter what season or time of year you are getting married in, an all white wedding cake will be perfect! They can be classic or modern in detail, elaborate or simple in design, whatever you decide on, we know … Read More »

10 Charming Engagement Cake Ideas

Having a fabulous wedding cake is a given, but an amazing engagement cake is a great idea, too! If you’re throwing a party to celebrate your upcoming nuptials, what better way than by sharing a charming engagement cake with your … Read More »

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Find the most beautiful wedding cakes in lots of different styles, colours and flavours.