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WOL Loves: 33 Female Singers Share Their Favourite Ceremony Songs

The addition of live music will transform your wedding ceremony – believe me, it adds that extra special touch of atmosphere to the event and will bring many of your guests to tears! Today we are delighted to present no less than 30 incredible female artists from across Ireland as they share their favourite ceremony songs to perform. 

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Wedding Contracts 101: What You Need To Know

During your wedding planning journey you will get caught up in all the pretty details and the little extras – who can blame you, it’s a pretty special time of your life! However, it is so important to be aware of the legalities that come with booking your suppliers. Whilst we are not legally trained, and we would always advise you seek independent professional legal advice for anything you are unsure about, there are some key details in your wedding contract that we can help you with. Your contracts are there to not only protect you but also your wedding suppliers. 

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WOL Loves: Six Unusual Ceremony Spaces In Ireland (That’ll WOW!)

Your ceremony is the nuts and bolts of the day, the time when magic really does happen and moments you will remember forever, happen. Hosting your ceremony, surrounded by your closets family and friends deserves a memorable space.

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Types Of Irish Wedding Ceremonies

Getting legally married in Ireland? There are several types of Irish wedding ceremonies that you can choose from. Take a look at everything you need to know about religious ceremonies, secular ceremonies and civil ceremonies, as well as who can legally officiate them. 

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Priest-Approved Hymns For Your Religious Wedding Ceremony

Are you hunting for beautiful hymns for your religious wedding but not sure where to start? Here’s a popular question you’ve probably asked: “I’m getting married in a church but have no idea what religious music to choose and my priest is strict”. Well, thanks to the fabulous Olivia Romeo’s priest-approved hymns list, you’re sorted! 

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Getting Legally Married in Ireland if You Live Overseas

If you are investigating getting legally married in Ireland if you live overseas, then this is for you! A HUGE thank you to Romy McAuley for this expert advice on everything you need to know, including documents and time frames. 

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Unity Ceremony Options For A Special Wedding Day Moment

As two become one, you may be looking for a special way to demonstrate your love and commitment. A unity ceremony is a fabulous way of personalising this very special and significant commitment. We have rounded up some of our

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What Is An Unplugged Wedding Ceremony?

Are you thinking of going social media-free on your Big Day? Today we’re talking about why you should consider an unplugged wedding and how to pull it off.

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How To Write Your Own Wedding Vows

Are you thinking about writing your own wedding vows? We love this idea – so we’ve compiled a few bits of handy info and tips to help you get started.

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Beautiful Bible Readings For Your Wedding Ceremony

Our list of Bible readings for your wedding ceremony will help you to articulate your love for one another, while remembering the ultimate source of love. You don’t have to be religious to choose some of these!

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Your Green Folder Appointment: Everything You Need To Know

For couples getting married in Ireland, thinking about your green folder appointment and registering intent to marry is enough to get your palms sweaty! 

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What Is A Handfasting Ceremony?

If you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘tying the knot’, this is where it comes from! In a handfasting ceremony, the couple’s hands are literally tied together to symbolise them joining together in marriage. 

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The Best Irish Wedding Blessings And Toasts For Good Luck

Add an element of enchantment and inject a little Irish touch into your Big Day with these special blessings. Whether you are after a special addition to your ceremony or a short and sweet toast, these Irish wedding blessings will melt hearts.

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Celebrate Your Life And Love For One Another With A Unique Humanist Wedding Ceremony

If you want something different or you’re a non-traditional couple, a humanist wedding ceremony celebrated by the Humanist Association of Ireland may be just for you.

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Same Sex Wedding Ceremony Script Ideas We Love

Things like “I now pronounce you man and wife” only make sense for some couples. We’ve gathered some beautiful same sex wedding ceremony script ideas to suit all couples.

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30 Special Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

The special moment you walk down the aisle towards your life partner is a memory you’ll cherish for the rest of your life, so you want the perfect song to accompany it. To help get you inspired we’ve put together a list of some of the greatest songs to walk down the aisle to including classic, instrumental and unique options. 

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Wedding Celebrants Answer All Your Wedding Ceremony Questions

I spoke with our fabulous wedding celebrants and solemnisers to get the inside scoop. Take a look at your frequently asked questions, along with their expert tips and detailed answers.

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Here’s What Real Life Couples Loved About Their Wedding Ceremony

Wondering which moments will stand out? Take a look at what these real life couples had to say about their wedding ceremony.

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Humanist Weddings – What Are They & Why Have One?

There are so many different types of wedding ceremonies and ways to celebrate your wedding! You’ll see lots of beautiful humanist weddings here on weddingsonline and you might be wondering what they are.

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Documents You Need For Your HSE Appointment

Today we’re sharing a list of the documents you’ll need for your HSE appointment when registering intent to marry!

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