Bring Me Sunshines: Wedding Parasols

One accessory you will need on a beautiful summers day is a parasol, perfect for keeping you in the shade away from the strong sun, and perfect for fabulous summery wedding photo opportunities! Parasols are similar in shape to umbrellas but usually are flatter when opened. They come in lots of lovely designs and colours and will easily blend in with your wedding decor. 

8 Lovely Ways to Add Lilac & Lavender to your Day

Shades of lilac and lavender are so pretty and will add a romantic feel to an otherwise neutral wedding day.
If you’re feeling a little hesitant to add too much colour to your wedding day, tones of lilac and lavender are a great option. Soft and delicate enough to not overpower your entire look, yet bold enough to add warm and depth of tone to your decor and outfit choices.

WOL Loves: Joyful Stationery Inspiration

Weddings are such joyful experiences and that joy and happiness can begin from the very start, with your wedding stationery. 
From on trend laser cut to personalised caricatures, we know your guests will be excited to receive these pretty invites in the post…

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WOL Loves: Summer Treats For Your Guests To Enjoy

A great guest experience and ensuring they have an enjoyable and memorable time, is top of most couples priority list. If you are getting married during the summer there are lots of seasonally appropriate ways you can go about this; from ice creams after the ceremony to outdoor games on the lawn. 

How To Make Sure Your Guests Actually Use Your Polaroid Guest Book

The Polaroid guest book has been popular for years, and there’s a reason why! You get the beauty of a handwritten message from your guests, with the added bonus of a fun photo of each of them. But is there a way to make sure your guests actually use your Polaroid guest book? Of course! And it’s simpler than you think…

How to Create a Stunning Champagne Pyramid for Your Wedding: Expert Tips from Lena Freitag

A champagne pyramid is the embodiment of elegance and celebration, making it a perfect feature for your wedding day. Here’s your guide to creating a breathtaking champagne pyramid that will leave your guests in awe.

10 Special Father of the Bride Moments

In honour of Father’s Day this Sunday we’re sharing ten sweet father-daughter moments from our recent real weddings. There’s lots of goodies in this one so be sure to click the links to view the full wedding days, so much inspiration awaits!

Guestbook Alternative: Wedding Advice Cards

Why not ask your guests to share their marriage advice with fun wedding advice cards instead of a traditional guestbook? We love how fun, personal and touching reading the responses and ideas will be – there’s a pretty high chance they’ll come in handy down the line.

10 Creative Seating Plan Ideas

One of the first things your guests will see as they head into your reception is the seating plan, so it’s a pretty big deal! Not only does it have an important job to do but you want it to look great, too. The seating plan is a great place to set the tone for the rest of the evening so why not go all out with a fun and creative idea? 

Birthstones And Their Meaning

Whether you are after something unique for your partner’s engagement ring, or you’re looking to buy your bridesmaids something special to wear on your wedding day, these birthstones and their meaning will give you some great ideas. 

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10 Pretty Floral Touches For Your Summer Wedding

Aside from the pretty flowers you will likely carry on your wedding day, there are lots of other ways to add floral touches. From groom accessories to your hair adornment, today we’ve got ten beautiful floral ideas to incorporate into your summer wedding.

Utterly Perfect Bridgerton Wedding Ideas

The fabulous events, the beautiful flowers and the romantic music. If you are wanting to add a nod to the show or go for a full on Bridgerton wedding, I’ve got something for you.

Interesting Wedding Customs From Around The World

No matter where you get married, you’ll be celebrating the union of two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. The expression of this celebration is what differentiates one wedding from another. And not surprisingly, there are so many interesting wedding customs from around the world. Everybody has their unique take on how things should be done. Want to be inspired by  how weddings are celebrated around the world? Check this out!

Watercolour Stationery Ideas You’ll Want To Steal!

Watercolour stationery is having a moment and we are here for it! This is one trend that we will be happy to see stick around for a long time. It’s also a trend that oozes timeless elegance and adds a dreamy artist touch to your wedding stationery and vibe of the day. 

Feminist Wedding Goals: 10 Traditions You Can Break

There are many wedding traditions that feel like they have always been around. Everything from who proposes, to the colour of your wedding dress and who walks you down the aisle… but these traditions don’t work for everyone! Some of these traditions are steeped in oppressive and sexist roots, which is why many couples are opting for more modern approach. If you are looking to plan a feminist wedding, then try making these switches. 

Wedding Day Highlights: What Real Couples Loved About Their Big Day

While planning your wedding, you’ll be making hundreds of decisions. I always recommend that couples start by choosing what means most to them, prioritising those things and then tackling the rest. For some, it’s the flowers, for others it’s the party, the food or the venue. Want to know what other couples remember most and loved most about their Big Day? Take a look at these wedding day highlights…

Dreamy Greece Wedding Ideas You Can Do From Afar

You don’t have to actually get married in Greece to include these dreamy ideas in your Big Day. These Greece wedding ideas are for anybody, no matter where you plan to tie the knot! 

Some Bunny Loves You – Cute Easter Inspiration

For the week that’s in it, today we’ve gone all cute and sweet with Easter bunnies! They might not be your typical wedding theme but if you’re hosting your wedding over the Easter weekend, they’ll certainly add a touch of cuteness to your styling. 

Stunning Walk Down The Aisle Photos To Put A Smile On Your Face

When we ask our brides about their favourite moment from their Big Day, so many of them reflect on the moment they walk down the aisle. This is a big moment. All eyes are on you. You’ve spent months planning your special day and everybody has been waiting for you to arrive.

Crushing on Citrus: Bold Inspiration

If bold and colourful fill you with joy have you thought of a citrus inspired wedding palette?
It’s certainly not for everyone, but we personally adore this zingy combo. Think bold orange and pink, hints of ruby red and get ready for your guests to be wowed!
Today we have lots of pretty and joyful inspiration to help you fall in love with this statement look…