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Find lots of décor, wedding flowers and bouquets inspiration and ideas for every colour, every season and every type of bride.

We’re Loving These Autumn and Winter Wedding Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful addition to any wedding! Spring and Summer are the obvious choices, but Autumn and Winter wedding flowers are just as gorgeous.

Décor & Flowers
Different Ways To Light Up Your Wedding Venue

Sometimes couples look at wedding lighting as unnecessary. And if we’re honest, many couples don’t even think about it! If that’s you, don’t stress, because we’ve got you covered. The good news is that there are several different ways to light up your wedding venue! 

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WOL Loves: Pew Ends & Aisle Markers

Pew ends and aisle markers are a great way to add colour and a taste of your wedding style to your ceremony. Today we’ve got lots of beautiful pew ends and aisle marker ideas from local florists that are sure to inspire and guide your choices. Floral meadow arrangements are a popular choice currently with lots of couples choosing this statement look. 

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2024 Trend: Petite Posies

We will always adore big and wild bouquets, but this year we’ve been noticing more and more smaller, daintier and more delicate posies popping up on the most stylish wedding days. It could be a Royal influence, but we think this new mini trend is simply because, petite posies are beautiful! We’re excited to see this develop throughout 2024. 

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Fall In Love With These Autumn Leaf Wedding Ideas

I had no flowers and instead, opted for a mix of green and spray-painted gold leaves. They served as a ceremony backdrop, a headpiece and bracelet, centrepieces… everything. So, if you’re looking for Autumn leaf wedding ideas, I’m your girl!

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Til Death Do Us Party: Gothic Wedding Inspiration

This gothic wedding inspiration – along with fabulous tips – will help you put together a wedding that’s uniquely you! 

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Inspiring Entrance Decor Ideas

Last week we shared the latest entrance trend, deconstructed pillars – you can check out the fabulous designs here – and today we’ve got lots more beautiful entrance decor ideas. From classic lanterns in minimal style to jaw-dropping arches that will leave your guests speechless, we hope this lovely lot help inspire your day.

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4 Creative Ways To Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

If you’re looking for a creative way to preserve your wedding bouquet, or perhaps you’d like to arrange a special gift for your partner, then check this out. Here are four creative ways to preserve your wedding bouquet, with the help of Ireland’s best wedding suppliers. 

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WOL Loves: On Trend Deconstructed Pillars

Today we’re talking fabulous florals, you are in for a treat! We’ve noticed lots of couples are choosing deconstructed pillars for their ceremony entrances. These beauties will give your guests a fabulous welcome to your day and make a great backdrop at your reception.
Take a look and enjoy the beautiful inspiration…

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Seven Single Use Plastic Elements To Forget

There is no doubt, plastic has an awful impact on the environment and our health, and we need to be taking steps to cut down our usage of it, both in everyday life and at your wedding. 

These days couples are trying their best to make their wedding ‘greener’ and reduce their plastic consumption. To help you take a step in the right direction today we’ve got seven great ideas to reduce your plastic usage on your wedding day. 

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WOL Loves: 10 Fabulous Summer Bridal Bouquets

Summer is the season for a cracking bridal bouquet! Well, every season has it’s gems to be honest, but there’s something about a bridal bouquet created from prime summertime blooms that really gets me excited. Today we’ve got ten of the best from our very talented Irish floral designers – enjoy!

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How To Add Barbie Pink To Your Wedding

Come on Barbie, let’s go party! If you’re getting married soon and you’re as obsessed with the new Barbie movie as we are… well there’s only one thing left to do: add Barbie pink to your wedding!

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Must-Have Wedding Accessories And Where To Get Them

These must-have wedding accessories are the cherry on top of the beautiful wedding you are planning! If you are looking for fun and interactive experiences for your guests, then you’ve found a selection to choose from. 

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Viva Magenta Wedding Inspiration We’re Obsessed With

We’re halfway through 2023 but we are still obsessed with Pantone’s Colour of the Year: Viva Magenta! If you’re looking for some stunning Viva Magenta wedding inspiration, you’re in the right place. 

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WOL Advice: What Flowers Are In Season During Summer?

Celebrate your summer wedding with in-season blooms! 

Today we’re giving you a quick guide to five of the most beautiful flowers that are in their prime during the summer months. The secret to amazing wedding flowers, isn’t really a secret, choose the best in the business for your budget! We can help you with that – head here. 

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10 Ways to Add Pink to Your Day

Pink is a happy colour that evokes joy, it’s little wonder it is such a popular choice at weddings! With a myriad of tones available from blush to fuchsia, there’s a pink to suit every couple. Today we’ve got ten

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WOL Loves: Summer Stationery Ideas

It mightn’t be the dress, but the stationery you choose will set the tone for your entire wedding day – so it is an important choice! This summer we’ve been loving lots of floral inspiration, as well as super-personalised invitations and lots of fun on-the-day caricatures. Today we’ve rounded up a stunning selection of what you can expect from the award-winning stationers on WOL! Time to be inspired…

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Seaside Wedding Decor Ideas For A Nautical Theme

Seaside wedding decor wouldn’t be complete without gorgeous shells, driftwood and dreamy hues of blue and beige.

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How To Decorate Your Wedding Without Flowers

Want to know how to decorate your wedding without flowers? We think these ideas are pretty clever!

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Colourful Festival Style Wedding Inspiration

Glow sticks at the ready, summer is here and we’re ready to party – at a fun and colourful festival style wedding!
If laidback cool is your vibe and the thought of a formal wedding day doesn’t appeal, maybe a festival style get together is more your thing? I mean, who doesn’t love a day of love under the sunshine surrounded by your favourite people?
Relaxed, boho and full of colour and vibrancy, festival style wedding days are full to the brim of handmade elements including signage, lighting and even wedding wear. If this sounds like the perfect wedding day to you, we hope you enjoy the following inspiration…

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