Deposit Guarantee Plan

Worried about your booking deposits?

You don’t need to be, we’ve got you covered!

The weddingsonline Deposit Guarantee Plan gives you, the couple peace of mind when choosing one of our featured wedding suppliers to provide their services to you for your wedding. 

Couples FAQs:

Your deposit/booking fee will be guaranteed in the event of supplier failure (*T&Cs Apply – See below)

In order to have your deposit/booking fee guaranteed, you must simply submit details of the Wedding Supplier / Wedding Venue you have booked at

Why should you use the weddingsonline Deposit Guarantee scheme?

When planning your wedding, you will have a budget in mind and you probably will not have dealt with any of these wedding suppliers previously, there is a lot to plan and it is good to know that your deposit is safe with weddingsonline featured suppliers. We also recommend that you check our reviews and ask for feedback in the HIGM Facebook group.

How much is guaranteed?

weddingsonline will guarantee up to €1000.00 for deposits or booking fees paid to weddingsonline featured venues. For all our other featured suppliers, weddingsonline will guarantee up to €500.00

Can I register deposits or booking fees paid earlier than now to weddingsonline featured supplier?

Yes, weddingsonline will cover deposits and booking fees paid from the 1st January 2013, but you have to fill in the form for each service booked

Do I pay weddingsonline?

No, just tell us who you have booked and we will do the rest!

Is this my own wedding insurance?

No, this is not a wedding insurance policy, this is weddingsonline backing our featured suppliers & providing peace of mind to our users. Wedding insurance policies can cover more than supplier failure (which is bankruptcy, liquidation or personal insolvency)

Register a deposit with weddingsonline

Supplier Failure – terms & conditions


What you are covered for:

Following the bankruptcy, liquidation or personal insolvency of any prebooked featured wedding service supplier, we will pay up to the amount detailed in the summary for the following:

  • We will cover irrecoverable deposits paid to weddingsonline featured suppliers – they must be featured suppliers at time of booking
  • This is just to cover supplier failure (i.e. bankruptcy, liquidation or personal insolvency)

What you are not covered for:

  • Any sums recoverable from any other source.
  • Any costs which would have been incurred had the original supplier not ceased trading.
  • Any cancellation on the part of the supplier or venue not related to bankruptcy and liquidation.
  • Any dispute between you and the supplier.
  • The Deposit Guarantee Plan is not wedding insurance and should not be used as a substitution for, or replacement for wedding insurance.

How do I avail of the Deposit Guarantee Plan?

  • Users must register the transaction with weddingsonline immediately (within a month)
  • If you would like to make a claim, please email [email protected] for a claim form

Payment (in the event of a claim)

Payment would only be made to couples after a 6 month cooling period and once you provide the following to us:

  • Proof of marriage – marriage certificate
  • Your contact details (Couple)
  • Proof of deposit payment (receipt) to the failing supplier.
  • Proof that your wedding occurred on the date you had booked with the failing supplier. This could be receipts from other wedding suppliers who provided goods or services to you for your wedding day.
  • Evidence of liquidation, bankruptcy or personal solvency of the failing supplier. This could be in the form of correspondence from the failing supplier or any liquidator or receiver appointed over it or an extract from court records or recognised national publication.

Register a deposit with weddingsonline