4 Creative Ways To Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

Décor & Flowers

Over here at weddingsonline, we are huge fans of preserving special memories. Your Big Day is going to fly by so quickly – just ask any of our real couples, they’ll tell you! So what better way to hold onto your memories than with a gorgeous keepsake? One way to do that is to preserve your wedding bouquet.

If you’re looking for a creative way to preserve your wedding bouquet, or perhaps you’d like to arrange a special gift for your partner, then check this out. Here are four creative ways to preserve your wedding bouquet, with the help of Ireland’s best wedding suppliers.


Pressed Flower Art

In this beautiful piece of art, the flowers in your bouquet will be thoroughly dried and arranged between two pieces of clear glass and then sealed together to create a frame. Everything is handmade so you can customise your pressed flower art! Why not include a wedding photo or something else from your Big Day, like your invitation or mass booklet?

Available at The Flower Bandits (pictured below)


Resin Blocks

Take petals from your beautiful bouquet and use resin to create ornaments. You can display these ornaments in your home, forever remembering your special day.

Available at Sheer Blooms (pictured below)


3D Artwork

Another fabulous way to use resin to preserve your wedding bouquet is to turn it into beautiful 3D artwork. How about bookends, a jewellery dish or coasters?

Available at Resin D’Etre (pictured below)


Shadow Box

One of our personal favourites is to preserve your wedding bouquet by displaying it in a shadow box. This meticulous process involves drying the flowers and preserving them in a frame box. Whether you are after a traditional shadow box or a pressed frame, you’ll have something gorgeous to display in your home for years to come!

Available at SIÓG Botanicals (left), Sweet Petals Floristry (middle) and Crafty Fox Flowers (right)