A Simple and Non-Traditional Wedding With Lovely White Flowers and Eucalyptus

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We love that Carol and Derek planned a simple and non-traditional wedding. They wanted to include things that are special and meaningful to them! So, in keeping things simple, their wedding ceremony was a whopping 13 minutes long!

Couple: Carol & Derek Fahey
Engagement length: 2 years
Wedding date: 2021-08-27
Wedding location: Castleknock Hotel
Photographer: Dena Shearer Photography



Carol and Derek’s proposal story is one for the books! Carol had been training to climb Kilimanjaro in February 2020 and was planning training weekends to build up her fitness and endurance. Derek suggested they do a hike together in Wicklow. Here’s the rest of the story from Carol’s perspective:

“After packing my bag, I set off into town to pick up some last minute essentials. On arriving home he told me to close my eyes when he met me at door. I immediately asked ‘What have you broken?’. He led me into our dining room which was filled with flowers and balloons and a homemade banner saying ‘Will you marry me?’. I was completely gobsmacked and shocked and not at all prepared! Derek thankfully had the entire thing recording, including my fabulous hiking boots, rain coat & messy hair! Anyone who says I knew he was going to propose is LYING!!!”



Carol and Derek opted for a simple and non-traditional wedding, stating that they wanted a marriage, not a wedding.

“We both believe a lot of time and energy can be invested in the smallest of detail that no one really cares about. We enrolled Elderwoods Decor to decorate the venue and they used a combination of white roses, white hyacinths and eucalyptus and rustic decor. The bridesmaids wore mint green and the groomsmen navy. We wanted the day to be as relaxed for us and for our guests as possible and opted for music and decor to suit that.”



In keeping things simple, they both decided to rent their wedding day outfits. Carol rented a two-piece crepe silk dress from Covet Bridal and Derek rented his suit from Aston Quay Suit Rentals. They had a fabulous experience at both locations, saying they were an absolute pleasure to deal with and had a fantastic selection of outfits and styles.



Their ceremony was a whopping 13 minutes long and included readings from two family members and modern music played by a three string quartet, Sacred Sounds!



Carol and Derek chose the beautiful Castleknock Hotel for their wedding venue!

“The location was perfect for what we needed and could be done outside or inside depending on what we wanted. There were plenty of locations for wedding photos and availability to do a night before or Day 2 if you wished. The only regret I have is not booking the bridal suite for the night before as you never think of how many people are getting ready the morning of the wedding and we 100% did not have enough room! How we all managed to get out of a twin room alive I will never know!”



Their wedding photographer was the amazing Dena Shearer. Carol watched as Dena blended in like a guest at a friend’s wedding, while capturing fantastic moments. This is one of the reasons they chose her!

“On the day of our own wedding she was invisible! I look back at the photos gobsmacked as I don’t remember photos being taken or Dena being there! The engagement shoot I would highly recommend as it familiarises you with your photographer & their direction and words. This therefore removed any time wasting on the day and Dena was able to get all of our photos done quite quickly.”



We often talk about wedding dream teams, and that’s exactly what Dena (photographer) and Paul (Old Pine Films) are! Carol wanted a good dynamic between their photographer and videographer, with two professionals who had worked together before.

“They both worked wonderfully together and Paul’s work and portfolio speaks for itself! His work is breathtaking. I’ve been to weddings where the photographer and videographer are almost fighting to get shots, whereas Dena and Paul worked in sync and neither of them are in each other’s work.”



Carol’s favourite memory was waiting outside to walk up the aisle! Her favourite moment as a couple was exchanging vows, where she incorrectly said “awfully” instead of “lawfully”.


Their wedding day advice is brilliant:

“You do you. You will be told by everyone what you should do and what’s traditional etc.”



Ceremony and Reception venue: Castleknock Hotel | Photographer: Dena Shearer Photography | Videographer: Old Pine Films | Music: Sacred Sounds | Hair: Upstylefunk | Makeup: Makeup by Asta | Couple’s outfits: Aston Quay Suit Rentals & Covet Bridal | Wedding party outfits: Folkster | Celebrant/solemniser: HSE Celebrant | Jewellery/rings: Bespoke Diamonds | Accessories: Rosie & Dott | Flowers: Castleknock Flowers | Decor: Elderwoods Wedding & Event Decor