An Original Watchtower for a Special International Wedding

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An original watchtower for a special international wedding

Bride and Groom: Carolina and Koichi
Bride and Groom origin: Italy and Japan
Date of the wedding: 7th July 2018
Location: Italy – The Watchtower in Portonovo Bay
Guests origins: all over the world
Photographer: Gary Nunn
Flower and decorations: Cristiana for Italian Wedding Luxury
Banqueting: Michela for Italian Wedding Luxury
Wedding Planners: Donatella and Arianna for Italian Wedding Luxury



Choosing a historical, original watchtower as the location for a wedding is a courageous choice… no plan “B” in case of bad weather, and many many curious people coming and going to see what was happening in the most beautiful watchtower of the Adriatic coast! But everything was perfect, more than we could imagine. We are going to describe to you how that beautiful event went on.

Carolina and Koichi’s event started the day before (6th July). All guests reached Portonovo Bay and were hosted in the wonderful Seebay hotel where they enjoyed the welcome dinner and their first night – Italian pizza for everybody! Fish was the main dish of their wedding dinner, so it was decided to avoid it the day before.

On the day of the wedding, the Bride arrived at the Watchtower much before her bridesmaids, in order to see that everything was all right.


Her dress and her wedding bouquet…


Later, in the afternoon, she spent her time before the ceremony with her best friends, closed in the upper room of the Watchtower, drinking champagne and appreciating the beautiful atmosphere of that magical location.



Then the groom and all the guests arrived…


The civil ceremony took place in the garden of the Watchtower, just in front of the sea. After the ceremony, the guests were invited to take a seat at a long table set up in a different part of the garden.



Each corner of this area holds a surprise for the guests. After dinner, a special place for the wedding cake was prepared and then the atmosphere changed. It was transformed into a disco space, so the guests could dance and dance for hours, drinking cocktails and tasting the wonderful Italian candies and sweets.



The day after, all the guests were smiling and still full of joy. They went on with their parties on the beach and, at night, they said goodbye.

Donatella and Arianna Paduano
Italian Wedding Luxury