Ask the Experts: Can You Learn Songs for Our Ceremony?

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Music is a huge part of your wedding ceremony and choosing the right songs is really important so that it feels personal and special to you as a couple. Ceremony Singers and Musicians have amazing repertoires with songs you may not even have thought of but what if a song you have your heart set on isn’t on their list? Can you ask them to learn it for you? We put it to the ceremony musicians themselves who gave their advice below…

Expert Advice: Song Suggestions for the Bridal Entrance, Signing the Register and Ceremony Exit

Irish Music Weddings – Uilleann Pipes, Flute and Whistles | View Profile

Yep, I sure can, and I often do – it keeps me fresh and in-the-know! A listen to the music player on my website will show you many pieces I learned for clients, which later became part of my repertoire! Basically, almost any piece which has a ‘real’ melody can be learned. That’s most U2 songs out, I’m afraid!

Jenny Dowdall Cello | View Profile

I love when couples ask me to learn new songs and as long as I have enough notice to find the sheet music, it is never a problem!

Veronica Tadman – Wedding Singer | View Profile

I always recommend that we meet to get to know one another and to select the music together. I am always willing to learn new music; in fact I encourage it as I love expanding my repertoire.

Grace Dunne Professional Vocalist | View Profile

I work closely with pianists Carl Banks and Darren Walsh and if you don’t see your chosen song on my website we can learn it for you and can provide additional musicians if required. I am here to help you every step of the way!

Weddings by Laura O’Neill | View Profile

We will learn two new songs that aren’t on our list per couple. We perform at over 80 weddings per year so we have worked hard to put together an amazing repertoire for our clients to choose from. It is a very wide list to suit all musical tastes.

Claire Malone Church Singer | View Profile

Yes of course. We do have our own list that we send on to couples to give ideas but we always learn whatever is important to them. We have a huge repertoire to offer. – Laura Kelly | View Profile

I’m always happy to learn new songs for a wedding ceremony, it’s very important that your chosen songs hold meaning for you and it makes your ceremony all the more special and memorable.

Lorraine Galvin – Soprano & Wedding Soloist | View Profile

Absolutely!! It’s the couple’s day and it’s important they put their own musical stamp on such a special occasion. I am more than happy to accommodate learning a special song where I can.

Olivia O’Hanlon Music – Wedding Singer | View Profile

Absolutely, this is not a problem at all. I’m learning new songs all the time.

Nikki Kavanagh – Wedding Singer | View Profile

Of course! I add new songs to my repertoire all the time, just give me a month’s notice so I can be sure to have it perfect.

Church on Time Wedding Music | View Profile

We tell our couples that if they have a song or two in mind we will try  to learn it, provided that adequate time is given to learn the song and it fits with our vocal range and style.

The Gospel Project | View Profile

Yes, we create all of our own arrangements in 6-part harmony and are happy to learn two new songs for each ceremony, in addition to our large existing repertoire. Because our arrangements are bespoke, any songs we learn for your wedding will be absolutely unique to you as a couple.

Bow Musique | View Profile

Yes! Very occasionally we are asked for songs that we are unfamiliar with. As long as sheet music is available we can learn the songs. If sheet music is not available, we can have string arrangements done (at a further cost).

Emma Reynolds Music | View Profile

Yes of course and this is something that I really enjoy. My voice is very versatile and it suits many song choices.

Nicola McGuire, Church Singer & Wedding Band | View Profile

Yes, even though I have a massive repertoire of songs to choose from, there may be a song you love that I don’t already know. In that case, I am happy to learn a new song for you.

Sonya Grimes – Wedding Singer | View Profile

Adding to my music repertoire’s important and I’m happy to learn and perform a new special piece for you both.

Niamh Murphy – Wedding Singer | View Profile

Yes this is my favourite part. Discovering and learning a new song that I love is what it’s all about, there’s so much enjoyment in that!

CK Ceremonial | View Profile

I’m happy to learn songs as required, but I do require 6 weeks’ notice for any new songs to make sure we can cater for any special musical arrangements or learn something new as needed. We’ll always accommodate special requests, and are happy to offer alternate arrangements to traditional songs.

Karin Professional Singer | View Profile

Absolutely, while my repertoire is vast and varied, your favourite tune may be missing. I’d be delighted to learn and perform it for you and your guests on your big day!

Fiona Kennedy – Singer & Guitarist | View Profile

I’ve learned specific songs for many brides so I can accommodate any requests.

WAVE – Acoustic Duo | View Profile

Yes, absolutely! Over the years we have been asked to sing many different kinds of songs that have personal meaning to our couples; some we have loved, others not so much, but that’s not the point! The point is they mean something and are much beloved by the couple getting married because they are either moved by the music or the lyrics or it reminds them of a loved one, maybe a relative who has passed and is sadly missed on such an occasion, and it’s when I see the emotion and actual tears in people’s eyes, that’s when I love my job.

Music is such an emotive thing, we can all think of a song that reminds us of something or someone and hearing that song is like a portal, we can jump back in time to relive a moment which can bring either great joy or sadness, whichever it brings you, go with it, laugh, dance, cry… Better out than in I say!!

Carys Ann Evans – Harpist | View Profile

Of course – but mostly my couples find such a great range of music that I already have ,they don’t need to choose any more!

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