How to do a Disney Wedding Without Going Overboard

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Disney is fun, positive, full of colour and endlessly optimistic. That’s a perfect blueprint for any wedding. It’s also instantly recognisable by practically everyone, including kids, grandparents and even suppliers! But as with all good things in life, beware of going overboard. You want a charming theme that makes people smile – not a reception that looks like it’s held in the Disney Princess aisle at Smyths. Here’s how to do a Disney wedding without going overboard…

Stick to one movie

Photo from Rachael & Robert’s real wedding by David Maury Photography

Pick your favourite and stick with it. Every Disney movie has its own instantly recognisable colours and characters, that’s a ready-made template for you with very little deciding involved. If you went for a Disney Princess theme, for example, that could get overwhelming really fast. There are officially 11 of them now, and that’s a lot of decor. Simplify and you’ll love it all the more.

It doesn’t have to be a love story

Sure, a love story is perfect for a Disney wedding. But what if your fave film was Robin Hood, Finding Nemo, or Alice in Wonderland? Go ahead and choose it. It’ll still be amazing. Check out some sweet Alice ideas in our book-themed weddings!

Make one big statement, keep the rest subtle

Disney wedding

Wedding Cake by Chic Events – Wedding Cake Projection Mapping, Dublin

We absolutely loooove this idea above, it’s got all the wow you need, and it’s perfectly on point! You could literally have just that in the room, and everyone would be like ‘this is a Disney wedding!’ Amazing. Go for it.

Keep it neutral with pops of colour

This way, you won’t be going crazy matching the precise shade of pink, green or blue to everything else. Think about it like this: you’re doing a classic white wedding with a Disney colour add-on. So for Beauty and the Beast, for example, it’ll be white with red accents. For Frozen, white and icy blue. Your base colour can be anything else neutral as well, if you wish. Any soft pastel colour will work.

Disney wedding

Above, top two pictures from Pinterest, bottom left from | bottom right

Remember the guys

Let’s face it – the groom will probably draw the line at dressing head to toe like Prince Charming. Although, if you can talk him into it… but, let’s assume he’d prefer to wear something more up to date. No problem, just get him fun accessories like some cool cufflinks, there are dozens of them on Etsy. Other ideas: shoelaces, socks, or a figurine attached to the boutonniere (we do it with Lego, why not with Disney?)

Have a Fairy Tale Moment with Your Cake

You can easily make a statement with your cake – we love these castle inspired creations from Irish wedding suppliers Daisy Bakes (top left), Amazing Cakes (top right), French Wedding Cakes (bottom left) and  Chic Events – Wedding Cake Projection Mapping (bottom right).

Enter to a Disney song

There are dozens and dozens to choose from! Kiss the Girl, Be Our Guest, You’ve Got a Friend in Me for an upbeat stroll, or for something slow and swoony, go for When You Wish Upon a Star, A Whole New World, or So This Is Love. In fact, this last song is perfect for a first dance if you ever wanted to do an elegant waltz.

Add a little Mickey Mouse

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Easily the most recognisable Disney symbol of all time, those Mickey ears are an unmistakable call to fun. They’re also ultra versatile and fit anywhere – including on your head! Scatter them about your wedding as freely or sparsely as you wish. And don’t forget the figurines. They’re easily found on eBay and you can put them practically anywhere.

Screen some Disney movies for the kids

Ask the venue if they can set up a TV and a DVD player or a streaming service to show some Disney movies in a separate room or a quieter corner for the kiddies. It’ll keep them occupied for several hours, and you’ll probably find a few adults joining in there too.

Get the shoes, Cinderella

Alice in Wonderland inspired shoes from

Add a subtle touch of Disney fun by getting Disney inspired shoes or feel like a princess with some romantic heels!

Main photo from Jen Disney & Wedding Chicks