Four Fabulous Hen Party Theme Ideas

Hen Party

If you are throwing a hen party for your bestie before her wedding, then this one is for you! A hen party would be incomplete without a theme. The theme will help you think of decor, games, music, food and of course, outfits! The more hilarious, the better! So take a peek at these fabulous hen party theme ideas…


Music Festival

Gather your girls and make your way to a music festival for the most incredible hen party! This is more than just a theme, it’s taking everyone on location to a fabulous music festival. While most of the logistics will be set up and planned for you, there are still several things you need to keep in mind.

The right music festival is one that’s not too far away (say goodbye to travel stress), one with great music and great food, and of course, one with the pre-pitch option (because who wants to be packing up a tent at the end of the party?).

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Mean Girls

Whether you are an OG Mean Girls fan or you’ve rediscovered your love for The Plastics after watching the new musical, there are plenty of reasons to host a Mean Girls hen party! These ideas are pink (mostly), fabulous and definitely won’t be the reason you end up in the Burn Book.

Get in loser, you’re getting married (sorry, I had to). If you are hosting a Mean Girls hen party, there are so many cute-but-not-cringe things you could do:

  • Include as many iconic Mean Girls quotes as you can! You’ll see in the ideas below, that there are plenty of creative ways to incorporate your favourite quotes into the decor, favours and games.
  • Wear pink, even if your hen party isn’t on a Wednesday.
  • Create a DIY Mean-osa bar with Prosecco, fruit juice and your choice of fresh fruits.
  • Have sashes for all the girls, not just the prom queen.
  • Host a Mean Girls quiz and see who knows the most about the movie.
  • And while we’re at it… watch Mean Girls together!

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Ever since the Barbie movie came out, brides all over the world have been dying to have a Barbie theme hen party. And I really can’t blame them. When you think of the magical world of all things pink, spandex and glittery, it really is the perfect theme.

Put on Barbie The Album (the movie’s soundtrack), add a little bit of Ken-ergy and get the party started. Don’t forget to wear something pink!

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Love Island

Are you a fan of Love Island? Well, with recent contestants focusing on their female friendships and bonds, it’s a great excuse to be inspired and plan a Love Island hen party! If your bestie is a fan of the show, why not incorporate some fabulous Love Island hen party ideas into her celebrations. We can’t promise Iain Stirling’s voiceover and we will certainly avoid the gross food challenges and, of course, recoupling. But, you can expect cute accessories, personalised water bottles and fun challenges. So, it’s basically the same thing, right?

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