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The 5 People You Don’t Need to Invite to Your Wedding

Always remember – at your wedding, you should only have those nearest and dearest celebrating with you. They are the people who truly care about your future happiness. Here are the 5 people you don’t need to invite to your wedding.

Here are the five people you don’t need to invite to your wedding:

The celebrant/priest/registrar

In short, the person who will perform your ceremony. Some brides feel obligated to invite the person who made the Mr & Miss into a Mr & Mrs. This is not at all the case. They have performed their prescribed duty for which they have been paid, and the purpose of their involvement has been fulfilled.

Exception: if the priest/registrar is a close friend of the family, or has been an important spiritual presence in your life.

People you haven’t heard from for more than one year

A word “wedding” sounds completely different to a bride and a guest. The bride hears the bells, the guest hears “great dinner and dancing afterwards”. Weddings make people you haven’t heard from for ages come out of the woodwork to suddenly take great interest in you in hopes of being invited. Apply the “only the nearest and dearest” rule here. This is a most personal celebration – there is no reason to invite people who just don’t keep in touch.

Exception: people who live abroad and you’d really like to see – what better reason than your wedding? Also, aunts who for some inexplicable reason still send you a birthday card every year with a €10 note tucked in, even though you’re 31 now.

New girlfriends/boyfriends of guests

Some people have so many new relationships it’s hard to keep up. Others weep nightly in hopes of meeting someone before your wedding date rolls around. Be the smart one here and set a “one year” rule – if it’s a long term relationship then the partner comes. If not, then see you at the 1st anniversary party (if they make it that long).

Exception: girlfriends or boyfriends of the best man or chief bridesmaid, no matter how long they’ve been dating.

Your boss

Admit it, you have probably been spending at least some time at work planning your wedding… instead of working. Chances are, your boss has been pretty understanding about it, maybe even given you time off for your dress appointments. This is also the person who will approve your time off for the wedding and the honeymoon, and perhaps even a few unexpected other days you’ll surely need for the post-wedding blues. But do you have to invite the boss? Not at all. If you would like to thank him/her for the support during the months leading up to your wedding day then buy them a token gift and a bouquet (for a woman) to be presented upon your return to work after the honeymoon.

Exception: your boss has been personally involved in your wedding planning, for example helped you find a great cake maker or photographer, or has made a large financial contribution to your wedding (for example, in a form of an unexpected financial bonus). Or, your wedding reception is a barbeque which will easily accommodate all your co-workers – in this case, the boss comes too.

People who disapprove of your fiancé(e)

Got any aunties or friends who are happy you’re getting married… just not to the right guy or girl? Imagine how you would feel if some guests from his or her side didn’t think you were good enough. It just doesn’t work. A wedding is a celebration – there is no room for sour faces. Apply “nearest and dearest” once again.

Exception: there are no exceptions in this scenario, even if they are Richard Branson and their attendance means you could have a free honeymoon on one of his private islands.

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Rachel Green

Rachel Green

If you think the bride should always have the last word, then Rachel is on your side! A devoted fan of everything quirky, unusual, colourful or crafty, she loves scouting WOL's real weddings for unique and fun touches. When not gazing at pictures, she's dispensing no-nonsense advice on everything from reception entrance songs to bridesmaid problems.


  1. Avatar Grace Hill says:

    Thanks for this: I knew it but needed to hear it. Definitely gonna apply the one year rule!!

  2. Avatar Elizabeth Collopy says:

    I have alot of very disapproving family on both sides…………both sets of parents… i tell them or just not invite ?

  3. Avatar Bridie14 says:

    What about people you aren’t in touch with (except maybe via social networking) but whose weddings you were at when you were close? I’m having real difficulties with this! What do people think??

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