Tips for Selecting Your Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination Weddings

Planning a destination wedding is an exciting endeavour, but selecting the right photographer can be a daunting task. Firstly because if you are getting married abroad you want to make sure that you engage a photographer who has the sufficient passion to capture all the details, locations and memories of the trip.  Secondly, because you have to plan all this from far away and count on your instincts and online reviews. Thirdly, because you are in front of countless options available and you may be asking yourself – who is the best fit for me?  

In this article, as an experienced Wedding Photographer in Malta, FBalzan Photography shares with you some crucial considerations that should help you navigate the process and make an informed decision when choosing your wedding photographer.


Consider the experience of the photographer 

I consider that experience is paramount when choosing a destination wedding photographer.  Now I do not specifically mean that the photographer needs to have actually captured a wedding or elopement in that unique and exotic location or in the location you are getting married at!  Although that can help, it is not really that necessary.  An experienced photographer is one who has performed many weddings in different circumstances and locations and is therefore able to adapt quickly to the surroundings, understand what works best in the particular circumstance and create magic from normality. You can check the experience of a wedding photographer by seeing how many different types of couples and locations he has explored and his consistency in all this.


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Portfolio and Style Alignment

Secondly, understand that each photographer has a specific style.  Some photographers love real moments, others focus more on the details, others are more classic, others have a more fashion / editorial feel, etc.  When looking at their portfolio try to see what you love most of the various photographers work you see and see what style you prefer. Look at the way they edit their images, the colours they use and what they also say in their website and description.  I would try to find a photographer whose style resonates with you and whose work you can see yourself fit well into, that will truly reflect your unique love story.

For me, my style of wedding photography is mostly focused on real, fun and authentic moments portrayed in an artistic manner.  My feel to images is lighthearted and I love to just find unique moments in the mundane.


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Availability and Communication

Once you manage to understand which photographer style you prefer, make sure to look also at complete wedding galleries to make sure that it is what you desire.  Once you confirm that he is the right choice, it’s time to message the photographer.  The first thing is to confirm the photographer’s availability for your chosen dates and locations!  Then, if the photographer is available, I would suggest holding a meeting with him or her so you can discuss your wedding timeline and any specific requests you have regarding photography.  Effective communication is essential to ensure your expectations are aligned and the photographer can cater to your needs.


Professionalism and Compatibility

Look for a photographer who demonstrates professionalism and reliability. Check for reviews from past clients to gauge their experience and reputation. Schedule an initial consultation with the photographer to get a feel for their personality and approach.  Do you feel comfortable communicating with them and sharing your vision? Does he feel interested and connected to you and your wedding day?  Building a rapport will ensure a smooth collaboration and the photographer can capture the essence of your relationship.


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Guest Photography and specific moments

During your meeting with the photographer, make sure to mention and discuss the photographer’s approach to capturing guest photos, event details and any particular moments which you wish to be captured.  A wedding photographer does not have the ability to read your mind and your expectations should be sufficiently clear.  Also discuss with him if a planner is involved, if there will also be a videographer, any specific events happening during the timeline and any other particular logistics he should be aware of. 


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Package Options and Pricing

Once you have spoken to the photographer and have looked well at their portfolio you may be in a position where you simply want that particular photographer and nothing else.  In that case, if the price quoted is slightly above your budget and you really value photography – then I would simply make arrangements to book that photographer.  I am sure you can trim some other costs to have the vision and imagery you desire. If there is too much of a difference and pricing is completely out of your budget then you will need to find an alternative. Take into consideration the number of hours of coverage and any additional services they offer, such as pre-wedding or engagement shoots.


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Recommendations and Intuition

Ask for references from past clients who have had weddings in the same destination. Their feedback can provide valuable insights into the photographer’s work ethic, professionalism, and ability to adapt to different environments.  If he is being recommended through a planner then you can also ask her any questions if you feel the need. 

Ultimately, trust your intuition when selecting your destination wedding photographer. If you feel a connection with the photographer and believe they can capture the essence of your love story, then go with your gut feeling. The right photographer will not only capture your wedding memories but also create lasting relationships that extend beyond your special day.


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