Wedding Wednesday: What To Do If You’re Stressed About Your Wedding [Episode 101]


If you are stressed about your wedding, then this is for you! Whether you’re getting married next week, you’re about halfway and you’re stressed about the budget, or you’ve just begun and you’re overwhelmed by all the tasks to get done… there’s something here for everyone! Today we’re getting really practical and dealing with wedding anxiety!



Episode breakdown

A very practical tip is to work out what you’re stressed about and if there’s a solution. For example:

  • Are you stressed about the volume of tasks you need to do? Then go through our wedding planning checklist, identify the tasks you need to do now, what can wait and what can be delegated. 
  • Are you stressed because of information and inspiration overload? It might be time to start unfollowing celebrity wedding social media pages and scrolling through lists of items you don’t need. 
  • Are you stressed about what everything costs? Take some time to create a detailed budget and then begin itemising what you’ve already spent. Having a handle on your wedding budget and finances will help you to feel in charge. 
  • Are you stressed about family dynamics? Sit down with your partner and discuss your options together. Remember that you and your partner are a team and you can work this out together.


Creating boundaries and systems

Elaine: “My wedding was perfect, but I wish I hadn’t overcommitted in the week or 2 coming up to it. I didn’t think I would be stressed and invited friends and family from overseas to stay with us.”

Take charge of your wedding planning journey right from the beginning. Here’s how: 

  • Get organised, so you know what tasks need to be done. A wedding planning checklist will help you!
  • Create a system that works for you and stick with it (Google drive, spreadsheets, an app or physical folder…)
  • Create a free wedding planning email account so you can use that for all wedding planning correspondence. Then turn off push notifications – no more surprise wedding bits popping up when you’re working or busy with other things. 
  • Choose a wedding planning day and sit down with your partner once a week to do your tasks together. You’ll increase how much time you spend doing tasks as you get closer to the day. 
  • Make time for non-wedding things like date nights, your regular work, hanging out with friends – set aside time where wedding talk is off the table! 


How to delegate

Niamh: I wish I had asked for more help and had been offered more help the week of and before the wedding from family and friends as it was quite stressful sorting the last minute things.”

  • Be open with your friends and family that you need their help. You can decide how much detail you give, but if you don’t ask, the answer will always be no!
  • Create a list of what needs to be done and who can take on which tasks. I’ll share a list in a moment of tasks that can easily be delegated without adding too much stress!
  • Let your partner know how you’re feeling and work together to get things done. 


Tasks you can delegate

  • Everything to do with the hen and stag parties – leave it up to your wedding party to handle this. Just tell them the kind of thing you’d like to do (whether it’s a weekend away, a night out or a relaxing night in) and a few dates you’re available. 
  • Anything that needs to be handwritten (like place cards or addressing envelopes). 
  • Things that need to be assembled or tied together (like favours or invitation packs). 
  • Making a list of songs you want to play. 
  • Dress duty – someone to correctly store your dress before the wedding so it’s in pristine condition. 
  • Pick ups and deliveries – think about your decor, favours, and any other items that need to be picked up, delivered or returned. Someone else can handle this for you. 
  • Set up – this should be done by your wedding venue, planner, decor team or other professionals. 


Guided meditation – Episode 63

  • Affirmations, like: Each decision we make brings us closer to the wedding of our dreams. 
  • A guided visualisation, where you picture your wedding day. It’ll help you to remember the big picture when the little details are stressing you out. 
  • 3-4-5 breathing: breathe in for 3, hold for 4, breathe out for 5


Be more present – Episode 47

Elaine: “I wish I had reminded myself to be more present. I feel like I was constantly flitting from person to person, and I really don’t recall much from the day.”

  • Add wiggle room to your timeline so you aren’t rushing from one event to the next
  • Be OK with showing emotions
  • Find ways to enjoy special time together: get ready together, have a first look, share private vows
  • Enjoy your meal together
  • Sneak out for time alone while your guests are eating
  • Hire a wedding planner so you can enjoy the day
  • Put your phone away and just have fun
  • Wear comfortable shoes!