What Will Weddings Look Like After Lockdown?


Lots of couples have had to postpone their weddings because of lockdown. Because of this there is a lot of uncertainty in the air. When will lockdown be lifted? When it is lifted, will we be allowed to have weddings again? And if we can, what will they look like?

A lot of this will depend on government guidelines, but one thing is for sure: our suppliers want to make your Big Day as special, beautiful and safe as it can possibly be! Weddings will look a bit different for a while, so here’s some expert advice on what you can expect…

Main image credit: Paul Duane Photography



Consider having shorter ceremonies with guests spaced out or even standing. Your ceremony will still be absolutely magical because the focus is, and has always been, about you and your love!

“None of these restrictions, however, restrict the couple from having beautiful ceremony – words of poetry and beautifully crafted vows, along with music played via phones and laptops, and huge smiles and laughter present in the room, and beaming out through screens!” – Rev Karen Dempsey



“Wedding floral trends will change for a while. The emphasis will be on a bride’s beautiful wedding bouquet and a detailed buttonhole for her groom. They will most likely have a small altar centrepiece. Lavish florals & decor will gradually reappear as the virus disappears.
Most of our couples who have rescheduled in the earlier part of 2021 have tapered their floral arrangements focusing on the above but I see a trend as the year moves along. The mid to later 2021 couples are reintroducing beautiful church florals, pew ends and decor.  We see our couples excitedly planning lavish floral centerpieces at their venue also reflecting positivity into the latter part of 2021.” – Judi, Balla Florists


Wedding Candles and Accessories

Your accessories may have a different function, but there is still space for beautiful keepsakes and lovely personal touches!

“Wedding Candles and Accessories will lose their information. A wedding candle would usually have a venue and date, along with accessories and now so many are unsure of those, that it’s just their names. Wedding Candles can still be a lovely keepsake for couples!” – Beautiful Creations Ireland



No matter what, professional photography will still be important! You’ll still want to have a trusted wedding photographer there to capture your day.

“Good wedding photographers work in the background and most of the time you won’t even know they are there. Situations, where they might have to wear a face-mask, could be during the morning preparations when we’re indoors and maybe in a small room for example. Normally there’s a good distance between you and your photographer and they will ensure to use hand sanitiser throughout the day. Your photographer, for the most part, will still be able to operate normally and capture lots of stunning images of your special day.” – Paul from Meath Wedding Photography


Guest count and seating

For the foreseeable future, weddings are going to be smaller and you may need to cut down your guest list (we promise, your loved ones will understand!). We love the idea of an intimate affair with your nearest and dearest.

“Weddings likely to become smaller in numbers, but fewer tables allows the opportunity for very opulent and luxurious table settings. We may see a move from the standard table plan style to more personalised escort seating cards.” – VIP Weddings and Events

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