Co. Mayo
“Bouquet~licious“ specialise in hand crafted brooch and jeweled  bespoke bridal bouquets and wedding accessories for the most discerning bride.  We design and then hand apply each distinct piece to your unique, one-of-a-kind bouquet. The bouquets are custom designed using a mix of vintage and stylish brooches and jewels to meet the needs of each individual bride.  Funky and contemporary or vintage and classic, each piece is tailored to the bride’s expressed wishes with exquisite attention to detail. Each bouquet encompasses a variety of different elements.  Designed and crafted with quality materials, each individual jewel is delicately wired on to a stem to create a stand-alone piece.  The bouquet is then skilfully assembled using and entwining brooches, birthstones, jewels, elegant pearls, crystals, earrings, ribbon and satin flowers.  Sumptuous satins, luscious lace and decadent velvets are layered to add texture and movement to each bouquet.  All the elements cleverly combine to create an exquisite work of art, which can adorn your dressing table for years following your special day.We source our own materials, but can also incorporate sentimental pieces to create a personalised memory bouquet ~ the perfect way to carry a reminder of a lost loved one with you on your wedding day, or the birth of an heirloom, to be shared through generations. 
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