Dave Rock - Poetic Celebrant

Norman Grove, Kinvara, Galway
Dave Rock - Poetic Wedding Celebrant and Personal Poetry CreationMy passion is to help people experience the beauty of their own lives. I work with couples to create wedding ceremonies that really express who you are, that tell your story, and create an experience as beautiful and meaningful as the reasons you are getting married for. I work with each couple, hearing your story, or simply whatever your desires for your wedding are, and then create something completely unique with you. If you want a wedding that is unforgettable and really captures your love, if you want a wedding that everyone feels a part of, and remembers for the rest of their lives, I'd love to work with you. I also offer the creation of personal poetry for you to use in your ceremony, speeches, or whatever else you need. Services can include:Hearing your story, and co-creating a ceremony with you.Private ceremonies prior to wedding.Rehearsals.Crafting of vows.Poetic blessings co-created with loved ones on the day.Poetic speeches for you to read.The ceremony itself. 
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Reviews of Dave Rock - Poetic Celebrant

Jessica and Shannon Reeves
Hey Dave, just wanted to say again, working with you to co-create our ceremony was incredible. Every time we spoke to you we were brought back to the heart of why we were getting married, and the ceremony was just so beautiful and so alive. We couldn't be happier about it. It was just what we wanted. And the things our guests have said! Things like "the most beautiful forty-five minutes of my life" and "it was amazing how Dave made us all feel really a part of the ceremony" and "even if I'd never met you guys, by the end of the ceremony I would have felt I knew and loved you! Everyone was talking about it and saying they'd never been to such a special wedding before. Thank you!
Patrick and Elaine Scahill
Hey Dave. Just wanted to say again how incredible our wedding ceremony was. It was magic from start to finish. The way you took everything we told you about our relationship and our plans for the future and wove that poetic speech was just extraordinary. There was hardly a dry eye in the house! Everyone said how wonderful it was that you made them feel such a part of it. It really made our wedding the special day it's supposed to be. We'll certainly recommend you. Thank you!

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