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Losing weight is hard at the best of times but can be harder still when you’re planning a wedding! David O' Hara can give you the support, the system and the results you need to look your best on the most important day of your life.Make life easier for yourself and get the body you want for your big day by training with a system that is proven to work and a trainer that will be there every step of the way to help and guide you. Food and exercise plan included, results guaranteed.
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My name?s Aoife, I?m 30 years old a graphic designer in Dublin. I?d been training in the gym with David as my bootcamp instructor for a year and a half before I decided to try out a body transformation. It seemed daunting at first but I knew that if I kept my head down and follow David?s advise to the gram (literally!) that I would get the body I?d always wanted! In the end the result was nothing like what I expected ? it was much better!! Dave?s consistent support and attention really helped me through the tough days. He really knows what he is talking about when it comes to exercising safely, As a coach, he is firm but kind and really pushes his clients to achieve the best for themselves! I?m so glad I did one of these body transformations, the food and training schedule is strict but I have learned to develop motivation and discipline in myself that I never had before! I?m even more efficient in my workplace since doing it, as I do believe it showed me how to structure my daily life a bit more. So thanks Dave for helping me get that loooong awaited bikini body, and thanks for the support through it all.
My name is AnneMarie, and I am 29 years old. I am an Assistant Manager in a pharmacy. I have been training with David since January 2012. The main purpose for my Cut was to get healthier in 2013. But I also wanted to complete my Cut and prove that I could do what was necessary and achieve good results. David explained that it was 110% dedication and commitment, ALL of the time. And if I could follow through on what he asked of me, then the results would come. He gave me a diet plan and my training program but most importantly he helped me structure my day to help break my bad habits and achieve the best results. 20 weeks later, and well, I?m smiling! I won?t lie, during my 20 weeks, there were good days and there were bad days. Good days are ones that are over quickly, bad days are when it all is just too much and you just want to give up. But thanks to David and his support and understanding (and maybe on one or two occasions some tough love), I got through to the end. I found it was a very challenging process, both emotionally and physically but completely worth the reward at the end. I would recommend people who want to change their life for a healthier, more energetic, fitter version of themselves to give it a shot!
I first approached Dave after seeing the fantastic results that his previous clients had achieved. I wanted to gain more of an insight into how I could monitor my diet and lose that unwanted body fat and change my current training style. By telling Dave my overall goal, his positive attitude was exactly what I needed. His knowledge in the field of nutrition and fitness is exceptional. The first step was realising that in order to achieve the best results, I needed to give it my all, one hundred percent no less. Dave forced the best out of me throughout my transformation. He was always on hand whenever I had any questions about the nutrition plan and when things got tough, he pushed and motivated me through the pain barrier during the gym sessions. The idea of eating meat and vegetables with each meal was bland but I adapted to it very quickly when I started seeing the results week by week. It soon became a daily routine preparing each meal for the day ahead and the gym sessions became addictive. My own experience lasted a total of 15 weeks where Dave designed my own personal nutrition plan and weight training programs for the duration. I met with Dave on a weekly basis where he adjusted my daily food intake and tuned my weights programs to get the best out of my gym sessions. The whole experience is one that has completely changed my attitude to nutrition, lifestyle and gym training. I succeeded in loosing body fat while maintaining lean muscle and size. Seeing my before and after photos was overwhelming, all the hard work had paid off, as Dave preached it would. On a personal note I would publicly like to thank Dave for his expert guidance, motivation and without doubt his professionalism. It was a life changing experience and challenge, one that I will never regret taking on. My advice to anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle and be the best they can be physically, don?t wish for it, get in touch with Dave, you?ll never look back.
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