Dundrum Laser and Skincare Clinic

Dundrum and Lucan, Co. Dublin

This is the listing page for Dundrum Laser and Skincare Clinic located in Co. Dublin. If you are getting married in Co. Dublin why not contact Dundrum Laser and Skincare Clinic to see what they can offer you for your wedding day?

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?Thanks so much for the fb competition! Very happy with my winnings.. I never win anything! Especially not as good as this! You have made my Easter weekend! Speak to you soon. Xx?
Added 24th Jul 2013
?I had my fourth treatment yesterday for Laser hair removal, I am so thrilled with the results I am getting, It?s a wonderful freedom for me to be able to go out without having to wear makeup . Thank you so much guy?s. I have to mention I used the balancing gel masque by Image that I won on Facebook from you guys last night and it was lovely, I have acne outbreaks and this morn my skin is lovely in so far as the redness and irritated areas have calmed down :) I am liking this alot :)?
Added 24th Jul 2013
?I first went to the Dundrum clinic to get my eyebrows tattooed on after years of pencilling them on every day. I was really nervous, would they be the right colour, the right shape?!? I had a consultation with Aniela and was put at ease immediately. She was so friendly, professional and patient. She drew on my eyebrows and changed minor details over and over until I was happy. She took a picture and I could see that I was totally happy with the shape. I felt no pressure to hurry, Aniela was really happy to take as long as
it took for me to be happy. After some anaesthetic was applied and left to do it's magic, Aniela started to tattoo them on. I was re-assured throughout and was able to check the progress through out.When she was finished, Aniela talked me through the after care, and I had an appointment a month later. I was told if I wanted to make any changes to my eyebrows at this I could, but I was totally happy.The pain factor was minimal, and even less the second time. It was a bit uncomfortable after the anaesthetic wore off, felt a bit tender, like a bruise but anyone who's worried about the pain factor getting eyebrows done don't - it's on a level with plucking your brows or getting waxed.Three and a half years later (very happy with eyebrows years!) and I've just been back in to have them retouched as they had lightened. Again, Aniela was super. Anyone who is considering getting semi permanent make up, Aniela is the girl to go to. I know the initial payment is a little more than some other places offer, but the after care and service is worth it. Also, the top up charge is good value. Bottom line - This was the best decision I ever made!!! I love my eyebrows and can't recommend Aniela enough?
Added 24th Jul 2013
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?I first went to see Vicki in the Dundrum Centre about 5 years ago.
I was 25 and my skin was an absolute mess. Breakouts, dry patches and the beginnings of fine lines - really not fair! Vicki was really understanding and talked me through microdermabrasion and whatto expect. She talked to me about my skin care routine and advised me to use gentler products and a mineral make up. I went to Vicki regularly until she went on Maternity leave and then I moved away for a while. My skin was, at this stage, a million times better. I've been to dozens of other microdermabrasion therapists and they just don't hold a candle to Vicki. She is so thorough, and my skin is always so so so much better after a visit. I'm back in Dublin and back visiting
Vicki and delighted to be. This microdermabrasion is more expensive than a lot of other places, which is a draw back, but because of the service and quality of the session it makes it so worth it. Vicki is the only person I'll go to for a microdermabrasion, I can't recommend her enough!!! Friendly, professional, thorough, patient and really down to earth, anyone considering it, do it! Xxx?
Added 24th Jul 2013