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GLO (SKY) Lanterns are 'wish lanterns' in the Far East and may be taken as a symbol of health, longevity, happiness, peace and prosperity and they can be your ambassador of good wishes.They are a deeply symbolic, spiritual and captivating experience that your guests and friends, and you, will never forget.Just imagine your wedding party, with hundreds of Sky Lanterns simultaneously launched, with the silent good wishes of all the guests. Or ask your guests to write a short personal message before launching them into the sky.When launched they can be seen for a long time, will rise over a mile in the sky and will fly away with the wind up to minutes.OUR LANTERNS ARE COMPLETELY ECO FRIENDLY, HAVE NO STEEL WIRES AT ALL, ARE FULLY BIODEGRADABLE AND ARE MADE FROM REAL FLAME RETARDANT PAPER.They are safe and simple to use, but they must be operated in accordance with the supplied instructions.Why not order one of our wedding packs, available at a VERY SPECIAL PRICE, supplied with a number of heart printed gas filled lighters completely free of charge.Although we are an online shop, it is possible to arrange collection from our Kildare stores.Please give us a ring first.Our magical decorative flower shaped lanterns are designed for use in the garden, patio or on water. The leaves can be adjusted to your preferred shape and will create a beautiful effect on land or on water. The inner leaves are flame retardant with water repellent outer leaves.WHITE WISHING FLOATING LANTERNSSimply Stunning For A Happy Marriage and Forever Lasting LoveOur presentation box contains 2 White Wishing Lanterns with 2 tea lights. TheseWhite Wishing (Floating) Lanterns are unique and able to travel vast distances on flowing water.It is believed that when releasing these Floating Lanterns, one's bad luck, ill feeling or misfortunes are given to the rivers.You may whisper a wish into these Floating Lanternsbefore you send them away, with your personal best wishes for a happy marriage and forever lasting love.They can also be used in- and outside the house as a Very Decorative Lantern.The number of usages is simply endless: on the stairs, on a table, in the bathroom, in a dark corner, in the pond,etc.It takes only seconds to assemble them and they can be used again and again.Size: xxcm All our products can be ordered from our online store for delivery within hours or are available ex stock from our store in Kilcullen, Co.Kildare, please phone through your order on .
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This company gives you the best possible service with the best prices in the Irish market. They even include gas filled lighters to make things more easy.
I had my delivery within 48 hours.
Highly recommended and trustworthy.
Added 15th Mar 2010
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