Eva Dorney Goldsmith

Windy Arbour, Dublin 14

This is the listing page for Eva Dorney Goldsmith located in Co. Dublin. If you are getting married in Co. Dublin why not contact Eva Dorney Goldsmith to see what they can offer you for your wedding day?

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Niamh and Stephen
When we got engaged, I knew straight away we'd be going to Eva to get my ring designed and made.

I'd admired her work for ages and now it was finally my turn to get some ED gems! From the start, we
found her so helpful with designing our ring and we really enjoyed the whole process. When the ring
arrived, it was so much nicer than anything I had pictured! I still find myself looking at it and can't
believe it's mine. We're engaged a year now and people still stop me and compliment my ring on a regular
basis. We couldn't have been happier with how it all turned out and would recommend Eva to
everybody we know getting engaged.
Added 8th Apr 2014
I love Eva's work and when the time came, I knew I wanted her to make my
engagement ring and wedding ring. I was a bit nervous about designing a ring that
I would be wearing for the rest of my life but Eva was so patient and
understanding. She was able to suggest ideas that would work and the result is (in
my opinion) the most beautiful ring! Her work is meticulous and she is so friendly
and pleasant to work with. I would recommend her to everyone.
Added 8th Apr 2014
Lesley & Joe
We got engaged with a token ring so first job was to get the real thing. We looked
in lots of jewellers and at lots of rings. We quickly eliminated designs that did not
work but could not quite find the right ring. We had an idea on a design and took it
to Eva. Looking back our design was very basic. Eva took this design and
transformed it into piece of jewellery. We were so happy with her work we asked
her to make our wedding rings too.
Added 6th Apr 2014
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Every step of the process with Eva was an absolute pleasure. Rob and I are
delighted with our wedding bands, but not only that, it was wonderful to get to
know a local craftsperson and to have bespoke pieces that came from such an
enjoyable process with Eva. She was so generous with her time, making sure we
had exactly what we wanted, getting to know us and get a feel for our personal
styles, and never imposing. My ring was a simple, white gold band that would fit
underneath my engagement ring, and Rob's was a titanium band with
hand-engraved Ogham script.

Her work, both as a goldsmith and with her Clasped range, is stunning, and we felt
so welcome in her studio and in her company. I can't speak highly enough of her,
and would recommend her with absolute confidence.
Added 1st Apr 2014
From the initial consultation right through to the final presentation of my
AMAZING engagement ring, I found Eva knowledgeable, professional and super
patient! Eva has an amazing talent and I feel so very lucky to have found her. I
would wholeheartedly recommend Eva to anyone looking for a personable positive
Added 28th Mar 2014
When I decided to propose to my wife I thought about it carefully and decided
that it would be a shame if she missed out on the enjoyment of being involved in
choosing her own engagement ring. However, because I wanted to surprise her
and do something a little different, I approached Eva about making me a 'proposal
ring' with which I could pop the question, and which my wife could continue to use
as a nice dress ring down the road. Eva provided me with excellent advice and
produced a beautiful rose gold and morganite ring which my wife still adores. We
both liked Eva's craftsmanship and approach to design so much that we ended up
giving her the rest of our wedding-related business: She made my wife's
engagement ring, our wedding bands and some gifts for the wedding party. Along
the way there were some really nice touches, such as producing our wedding
bands from the same piece of metal. I would not hesitate to recommend Eva to
anyone who wants bespoke, beautifully made jewellery.
Added 24th Mar 2014
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An engagement ring is a promise, and also an opportunity. An
opportunity to engage with a small scale, highly refined and remarkably
personal object, an object with which much time is spent. As such, we felt
that it important spend time seeking out the best person first, the person
who could make it what it is. This first step brought us to Eva, and the rest
naturally followed.

While we considered the idea of a diamond, other stones also appealed
due to their ambiguity, their intrigue. Eva both facilitated and encouraged
our waverings, directing the process in a calm, informed and inspiring

Samples were made in silver and offered for trial. Various shape stones
were mooted and their sculptural integrity in the round critiqued. Cuts
were investigated and their effect tested under differing light conditions.
As the seasons moved on, so did the little seedling of an idea emerge.
Notions of what might work were supplanted with realities that would. The
finished ring feels surprising, beautiful, and rather brave. Just like this
adventure that Fred and I have decided to embark on. Fresh and new,
now part of our story.

Thank you Eva.
Added 4th Apr 2013
I first met Eva when I bought my stunning cushion cut diamond ring. It has been,
and will always be my biggest ?jewellery investment? and it is thanks to Eva that I
found the nicest ring I have ever seen or coveted. Her patience, interest and
helpfulness on that occasion has led to an on-going professional relationship which
has ranged from commissioning gifts to remodeling my old jewellery to create
stunning new pieces.

Working with Eva is very rewarding. She is extremely creative and has a vision
which leads to beautiful one off pieces, which you won?t find replicated elsewhere.
Eva is also very honest and will tell you what will work and what won?t.

So whether you are proposing, getting engaged commissioning new or remodeling
your old pieces, call Eva for a unique experience.
Added 27th Jan 2013
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