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North West, Co. Leitrim
Gold Ring Video ProductionsSligo, Mayo, Donegal, Leitrim & MorePh: / e-mail: hank you for taking the time to considerGold Ring Video Productions as your possible choice of agents responsible for capturing your special day, to be watched &#;not just once&#; but again and again and in many years to come by you, your family and your friends.Why should I&#;?Many times people ask, &#;Why should I bother having my wedding professional recorded?&#;The answer is very simple: how much would it be worth to you to see a film of your parents' wedding, your grandparents' or even your great-grand-parents' wedding?Thirty years ago, few would have considered a video of their special day, fifty years ago nobody would have the choice, however thankfully today we all have more choices.Voices from a bygone dayIf you could add sound and motion to your still pictures, you'd call this a video. If you had a choice between seeing pictures of your parents wedding day, or actually seeing what your parents, grand-parents family and friends were doing during their wedding, hearing their voices again from a bygone time, which one would you choose?The Golden AgeSince the dawn of mankind people have attempted to record and preserve images from life that they felt most important to them. The cavemen from &#;way back when&#; used natural pigments and crude handmade brushes to preserve their memories. Our means are more elegant and sophisticated &#; digital broadcast cameras, state of the art computer generated editing, and music and graphics all help to bring about the golden age of wedding video.How we work: ConsultationWe listen to you, we talk with you about your ideas and how you want your Wedding Day captured, we advise, discuss and between us we decide as to how you want your wedding video to be.Communication and Participation:Remember communication is the key to everything we do for you, the more co-operation we get the better the shots the better the video!Contact:We are always glad to hear suggestions and ideas to improve our service please feel free to call us anytime to discuss your wedding video and should you not choose us have a fantastic day and remember to enjoy every minute of it.&#;THANK YOU&#;What some of our previous clients have said about our efforts and us?Michael,The video was fantastic, we were thrilled with it &#; more like a movie than a wedding video, and we laughed and cried, the video is much much more than we expected. We have recommended you to all our friends who are thinking of getting married and look forward to meeting you at their weddings in the near future.Many Thanksmichael and keverina1st Jan Mick,We both wish to thank you so very much for our fantastic wedding video. We really do appreciate the time and effort you gave us leading up to and on our big day. Our families and friends all agreed that it is an amazing video and is relived each time we watch it.Thank You So Much,Olivia and Pat Gettins3rd June We-Do Promotion: 2 additional free wedding DVDs for We-Do discount holders.
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Sean Colgan
Married on 1st Jan 1970
Brilliance beyond comprehension,6 months down the line,every viewing has something new to offer.Everyone that sees it is in awe.A "Golden Globe"in the waiting!!!
Father of the Bride,
Added 21st Jan 2007
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