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Suite 2, Cubes 3, Beacon South Quarter , Sandyford, D18, Dublin
Physiofit Woman is a physiotherapy clinic for women, covering all areas and stages of a woman’s life. Our highly qualified team offers specialised Physiotherapy, Massage, Classes, Slimming and Anti-Ageing services. Getting married is an important event in any woman’s life and as a bride you know that you are going to be the centre of attention on that special day. You want to look at your best and Physiofit Woman is here to help you feel fabulous on your wedding day.We offer you dedicated treatments to help you with inch-loss and fat-reduction so you look stunning on your dream dress! We also have the best facials to ensure your skin is glowing and picture-perfect for your big day. But we just don’t stop here! We also offer you some of the best massages and reflexology treatments so you can feel absolutely relaxed and floating on air before you say “I do”.Our exclusive Slimming Body Treatments, complemented with nutritional advice, aims to reduce fat, reshape your body, reduce fluid retention and cellulite, detox and improve skin texture. Choose from:•Laser Fat-Reduction•Cellulite Vacuum Therapy•Slimming Ultrasound MassageTo enhance the amazing results you will obtain from our Slimming services we also offer Personal 1-to-1 Cardio-Pilates to tone up and shed some extra pounds off.We use Dr. Payot products for our unique facials complemented with •Diamond Microdermabrasion for smooth and flawless skin•Lifting facial with facial Vacuum Therapy•Rejuvenating facial with facial DermoledsTrust our dedicated and expert team and shine on your wedding day!Call or email to book a free consultation and tailor a package that suits your individual needs.PhysioFit Woman – Working Women’s Wellness
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Reviews of Physiofit Woman

Jackie, Wicklow
My weight was going down and everything was going well until I left work in December 2009, I was now at home minding my daughter and fell out of my exercise routine very quickly. I didn?t have time to go to the gym and my routine in general was all over the place. My wedding was scheduled for July 2010 and the weight was rapidly creeping back up. At this stage I was going for my wedding dress fittings and the dress was getting tighter & tighter. I started going to Body Elements - Physiofit Woman in March 2010, I met Deborah, wow she is fantastic. As soon as I walked through the door, I knew Deborah was the one that could help me achieve the wedding body I so desired. Deborah told me straight off I was very bloated and was retaining a lot of water. I started a course of 10 Manual Lymphatic Drainage massages, 2 per week. This made such a difference to my shape and general well being. I did Private Pilates sessions once a week and endured a course of 5 Slimming Ultrasound Massages. Not for the squeamish let me tell you but they were so effective and as they say no pain no gain, ladies the pain is well worth it! By July, my skin and body were glowing. I truly did feel amazing on my big day. The dress was perfect and not one bit of fat poked out anywhere!! It really does come from within?.. I was feeling great on the inside and looked even better on the outside.

The whole teams in the clinic were very dedicated and they really motivate you on days when you feel sluggish. I would say to any bride to be: give yourself at least 3 months prior to your wedding day. Once you are committed and follow the plan devised for you, you will achieve your goal too.
Claire, Dublin
Having attended the Physiofit Woman Clinic for slimming services I think it needs to be listed in the 'best places to visit in Dublin'!!
I initially looked up Physiofit Woman to avail of their i-lipo service having gained a substantial amount of weight during pregnancy. I have always felt quite insecure and shy especially following the pregnancy but the care and attention as well as the professionalism in body elements is outstanding and has given me the confidence I needed.
I used the i-lipo for 8 sessions losing a total of 17.5cms from my abdomen, it lasts 20 mins and is completely painless, you have the opportunity to exercise for 20 minutes afterwards. I have just finished my 2nd course of vaccuum therapy (20 sessions) and my body contour and cellulite on my thighs has dramatically changed and improved. I did the course of microdermabrasion (5 in total) the microdermabrasion is a relaxing and beneficial treatment that has made my skin look a lot healthier and clearer.
I suffered with a lot of fluid retention during pregnancy (and following it!) but after 6 sessions of MLD I feel it has changed my features, that puffiness in my face, arms and legs is gone and I?m so delighted with the results. The treatment is a soft touch massage and you feel rested after it.
The staff team are fabulous at Physiofit Woman from the sweet natured and always friendly Christina in reception, Jackie a fantastic therapist who is very caring and genuine and always makes you feel at ease and Deborah who is absolutely outstanding in her field of expertise and always so helpful and welcoming. The team have provided me with so much needed help and advice and I am very grateful to them all. I would gladly recommend Physiofit Woman to anyone.
Breeda, Galway (one incredibly happy customer!!)
I live in Galway and had researched i-lipo as the 'easy' alternative to invasive liposuction - providing impressive results so I decided to try it. I did a little bit of research - saw that it was on offer with the clinic so I purchased and went along to my first session not knowing what to expect. Initially I met Christina and then Deborah and Jackie who explained in detail the procedure - took the measurements and Jackie remained with me throughout my first session. I was delighted to learn I'd lost 3 cm on that one. I was advised about healthy eating and exercise and how important it was not to do anything in isolation but try to combine all three for maximum results. I attended for 3 further sessions and on my fourth and last session yesterday saw that I'd come down an impressive 19cm from waist area - now that seems a lot and it is. There are 3 measurements taken - and two areas I lost 4cm - one cm in each area over the four treatments - but the other I lost a total of 11 cm - and that is around my below-waist measurement. My details are with the clinic for those who are in any doubt - feel free to look over them.
I enjoyed the procedures, it?s like a warm sensation and I relaxed throughout the sessions - and had the opportunity to work out afterwards for 20 minutes too which helped.
From my perspective, the Physiofit Woman team are professional, caring, and attentive. They placed me, as Client, central to everything - I made appointments in advance and always received a notification about 24 hours earlier to make sure I'd not forgotten. The moment I walked into the clinic, I was welcomed and made feel special.
I cannot speak highly enough of my experience at Physiofit Woman- and while I live outside Galway City and it is quite a journey to attend there, it?s more than worth the effort. Deborah and staff together have got their niche in the market, they are on the right track and I look forward to attending again. There are many treatments on offer ... and I'm a 'work-in-progress' ... watch this space :-)
A big Thank You meantime to Deborah, Christina and Jackie,
Wishing you continued success girls!
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