Poetry Just for You

Norman Grove, Kinvara, Galway, Co. Dublin
How Do You Say What Matters Most on Your Wedding Day?Hi, I'm Dave Rock and for wedding gifts and entertainment I offer a very unique service; completely personal poetry and speech creation. I am also available as a poetic celebrant - see Celebrant section of (Weddings Online). Personal poetry and speeches are the perfect way to add that depth of meaning, magic and humour to a wedding. After spending time talking with you, I transform your unique story into beautiful poetry, or a great speech. The perfect way to say what matters most, in a way that everyone will really feel it, and make the moment authentic and memorable. These words can be used in the ceremony or the afters (or the honeymoon!). I write paired poems or speeches from bride to groom and vice versa, or single poems from anyone to anyone else!I also offer live poetry shows, with on the spot spontaneous creation using all the thoughts and feelings of those gathered, which is a totally unique experience.
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