White Tree Photography

White Tree Wedding Photography & Film are a teeny tiny group of like-minded, friendly, creative photographers and film makers. We love wedding photography and film. And great coffee. And talking incessantly about light. And last weekend’s wedding – the Dad who choked up when he saw his little girl in her wedding dress. And how we nearly choked up too – except we captured it, while the sun was coming in the kitchen window and Mammy was holding the teapot, looking fabulous in her dressing gown with full hair and make-up done. Delighted with life. A classic moment. Captured. Forever. Every wedding is a new story. This is so exciting and inspiring for us. We relish the variables of the day and the freedom to tell your story. We have a delicate and technical understanding (and love…yup true love) for natural light. At White Tree HQ we have a healthy, fun, creative competitiveness, always seeking the best shots and appreciative of each others’ talent and eye. When we are not at your wedding we are taking photos of anything and everything, each others families, sunsets, festivals, cool street grafitti, flower shops. We get to relive your wedding, editing your photos and film, sponsored by great coffee, cool tunes, taking breaks to belly-rub Cooper the sleepy but crazy puppy who hangs out in our studio. We are White Tree Wedding Photography & Film Ireland. We hope you like the way we see things!The White Tree gang x
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