Ask the Experts: What are the Different Styles of Wedding Veils Available?

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“I just found the dress of my dreams and have started considering accessories. I love the idea of wearing a retro style short, bouncy veil and think it will look cute with my tea length dress, but I’m not 100%. What other styles of wedding veil are there to choose from?” – Ciara

From the Experts

1. Belleza Bridal –

Veils are very personal and what one person will love another will like the complete opposite. Of course your dress will dictate the actual finish you go for, usually by picking up small details in your gown, whether it be a Spanish lace edged, a light scattering of crystals or pearls… your choices are endless. Remember that veils can be custom made in any colour with any finish or length in a single or a double tier. A double tier is called a “blush” and is traditionally worn over the face walking up the aisle – this is supposed to be very good luck too!

2. Memories Bridal Boutique Cork –

Finger tip veils are very cool with the right dress. You could wear a simple single tier vintage mantilla or a veil with a blush to cover your face for a traditional look.

3. Abelle Bridal Boutique –

Hi Ciara, there are so many different veil options to choose from. I would firstly decide on an approx length you would like i.e short/ long. Then once you know which length you would like we can then talk through the different long lengths available for instance. There are different layers of veils available as well (e.g 1 tier/ 2 tier etc) and finally we can discuss the finish you would like, if you would like beading, embellishments, a lace trim etc. We have a lovely brochure in store that has fantastic images which helps you to decide the length, style and finish you would like.

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