Wedding Wednesday: All The Wedding Tips You’ll Need From The Pros [Episode 94]


This episode is a little different, because it was filmed LIVE at the weddingsonline Awards Gala Dinner earlier this month. I chatted with some of Ireland’s best wedding suppliers and asked for their top tips for couples. So if you’ve ever wanted to hear golden nuggets of mind-blowing wedding tips from the pros, then this is it!

A HUGE thank you to our fabulous suppliers for revealing their top tips:

Lyrath Estate Hotel, Ballykealey House, Sensational Events, Bryan McDonnell and weddingsonline’s own Dearbhaile Shiels!



Episode breakdown

Here’s what we’re going to do – I’m going to play some really amazing advice from the pros and chime in after some of them. I’ll add some advice and tips of my own and will probably reference some podcast episodes we’ve done before.

Let’s start with the team at Lyrath Hotel, the venue that the awards was hosted at.

They shared three different tips:


Lyrath Estate Hotel

Orla: Put your trust in your wedding coordinator – your wedding coordinator has done so many weddings! They know what they’re doing. 

Courtney: Do the day for you! It’s about you and your partner. 

Candice: Have your maid of honour or best man, give them responsibility so you aren’t running around stressing out!


Three great pieces of advice! From working with your wedding coordinator, to planning a day that’s totally yours and a top tip on delegating.

Speaking of trusting your wedding coordinator – you might be wondering exactly what wedding coordinator does. Is the role different to a wedding planner or an event stylist? Well, I covered this in Episode 48: Wedding planners, venue coordinators, event stylists – who does what?


You’ll find yourself emailing your wedding venue coordinator A LOT!

Their main role: be the link between you and your wedding venue. Essentially, a venue coordinator is a venue liaison and will make sure everything that happens at the venue runs smoothly.

In short: if it falls under the remit of your wedding venue, your venue coordinator will handle it.

Things they will do:

  • Help you with your menu (if your venue is catering)
  • Help with table layout and arrange setup of tables and chairs (if they supply furniture)
  • Communicate with all venue staff to keep the day flowing

For more details about venue coordinators, wedding planners and event stylists – listen to episode 48, but take the advice and trust your wedding coordinator!


I love Courtney’s advice about planning a day that’s for you!

Last week’s episode (episode 93) was all about planning a wedding if you are neurodivergent. The gist of it is that all couples have things that they need in order to feel comfortable and happy on their wedding day, but some of those needs have become normal while others are considered ‘extra’. So, in the episode we spoke about exactly what Courtney said, which is to plan your wedding, your way.

So if you are neurodivergent and you want to have the wedding of your dreams, then take a listen because there are some really practical things you can do!


Before we move onto our next expert tip, I want to acknowledge what Candice said about delegating responsibility to your maid of honour or best man. The trick is to take the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on the day ahead without having to be aware of everything, and I love delegating!!!


Now next up, we’ve got a wedding planner and weddingsonline staff member, Dearbhaile Shiels!



Be decisive when you’re picking your suppliers. 

They’re amazing, they know what they’re doing. If you like their work, just go for it. 

Don’t overthink it – Get your deposit and your contract down, just relax and enjoy the buildup. 


You may remember Dearbhaile from our second podcast episode, How to plan your wedding without going insane – take a listen for more tips from Dearbhaile about planning your wedding systematically and just like a pro!


Ok, more tips:


Ballykealey House

Only look at two venues!

One you’ve booked the venue, look at booking a band. 

Look for your photographer next as well (venue, photographer and band)



I love how these fab suppliers have advised us on the first suppliers you want to be booking!It’s your venue, photographer and band!

Redirect to episode 30 – to listen to more details about which suppliers to book first, take a listen to this episode: Book These Wedding Suppliers First


Next up is Paul – sweet treats supplier of the year for 2024! He’s based in Kildare and is an absolute pro, specifically in the area of the tip that he shares. You’ll know what I mean:


Sensational Events

Always speak with your suppliers. 

If you’re looking to get multiple items from one supplier, they can help you save money by doing up a bespoke package for you on your wedding day. The money you save can then go towards other items!


This is a really smart way of saving money… Like I said, Paul is an expert because he creates bespoke packages for couples!

All inclusive packages and bespoke offerings from suppliers.


And our final tip comes from Brian McDonnell on ending the night well:


Bryan McDonnell

Book an experienced wedding DJ after a band – they’ll make sure that the wedding from 12-2 is absolutely rocking and that your night finishes on a high!