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23 Strand Street, Skerries, Co. Dublin
Hair ExtensionsHigh Life Hair Studio based in Skerries offers fantastic value on great looking Hair extensions. Using % real spanish hair, the professionals in High Life can make your dreams of long flowing locks come true.&#;Hair Extensions are a great and safe way to inject body and fullness into your hair, our Stylists can dramatically enhance your hair with natural length and volume within hours.Unlike other salons we can create the latest cuts and upstyles to maximize your new look extensions. The system we use is suitable for all types of hair because of its minimal weight and natural look it creates when it's applied. Whatever look you are seeking to achieve this process will safely transform your hair by adding stylish looking length and volume within hours.Clients have a choice of two systems, the first is the &#;strand by strand method&#; where the hair is bonded with Keratin resin. Many celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow prefer this method over all the others when visiting their Salons. The whole procedure is gentle on hair during application and equally kind on removal. The second system uses a new machine that is taking the hair industry by storm. Our suppliers have patented this machine.The process is simple, hair is placed into the Bonding machine where the results are amazing, smaller stronger bonds are created in seconds. This system is ideal for clients with fine hair as the bonds are so light. There is no shedding or fraying with your extensions using this method.The Salonoffers a full range of over thirty five colours which allows clients greater flexibility and variety when choosing extensions. Shades are individually blended to extend natural hair colour or mixed to create stunning highlights or lowlights. All our staff are trained stylists and colorists so there is no problem if you would like your T bar or hair coloured before the extensions are applied.Q & A's&#;WHAT TYPE OF HAIR DO WE USE?Our salon only uses the best quality % Spanish human hair. The main benefits in using European human hair is that the extensions blend naturally with a clients own hair and everyday styling products such as curling tongs and straightening irons can be used as normal. Hair extensions are easy to maintain and the bonds remain unaffected by daily styling and are compatible with all well respected hair-care products.HOW DO I GET STARTED?The booking process is simple; customers can visit the Salon for a free consultation six days a week where colour length and prices are discussed. After the consultation if everything is to the client's satisfaction we can arrange bookings to suit their schedule.HOW ARE THE EXTENSIONS APPLIED?The first step when applying hair extensions is sectioning the client's hair, this allows us to map out the structure of hair lines in order to create the best possible results for the extensions. Individual strands of hair are then applied, using different colours if necessary to blend each extension. Bonds are very similar in features to the tip of a shoelace. The Final results are amazing as you are left with entirely natural looking hair, which moves and feels just like your own.HOW DO I MAINTAIN MY EXTENSIONS?Every client receives an after-care sheet after having their hair extensions applied which outlines simple steps that make your extensions last longer.ARE EXTENSIONS SUITABLE FOR FINE OR THINNING HAIR?Hair Extensions are not only beneficial for woman wishing to add length or volume to their hair, as extensions where originally designed for fine hair and thinning hair. The main concern for clients contemplating extensions is weather they will have hair loss or bald patches after application. This does not occur with our new system as the root of the clients hair and the extension bond are always balanced in weight, our new machine can make bonds near invisible.RESEARCHING YOUR EXTENSIONSA full head of hair extensions in this industry is considered to be around two hundred individual extensions. Some Salons like to cut corners by charging clients for a full head and only applying a half-head of to individual extension bonds. This unfortunately is quite common and is designed by certain Salons to save time and money on hair. You must also be careful about certain low grade products and services on the market that can damage your hair.PRODUCTS TO BE CAREFUL OF...SYNTHETIC HAIR: THIS PRODUCT WAS VERY POPULAR SOME YEARS AGO WHEN HUMAN HAIR WAS EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. CLIENTS CANNOT USE ANY HEATED PRODUCTS LIKE STRAIGHTENING IRONS OR CURLING TONGS WITH SYNTHETIC HAIR. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY IT LOOKS TOTALLY UNNATURAL.CHINESE HAIR & PRE BONDED HAIR: THIS IS LOW-GRADE HAIR THAT IS MASS PRODUCED IN FACTORIES WHERE CHINESE HAIR IS MIXED WITH NYLON FIBRE AND HORSE HAIR TO BULK THE WEIGHT OF THE PRODUCT. IT IS THEN SOLD ON TO CONSUMERS AS % HUMAN HAIR. ALSO THE COLOURING PROCEDURE THAT IS UNDERTAKEN MAKES THIS FORM OF EXTENSIONS VERY DRY AND COURSE AFTER A FEW WASHES.LATEX GLUE: THIS GLUE IS MAINLY USED IN WEFT (WEAVED) HAIR EXTENSIONS, IT IS EXTREMELY DAMAGING TO HAIR ESPECIALLY ON REMOVAL. ONLY EVER USE KERRITAN RESIM AS IT HAS A NEUTRAL EFFECT ON YOUR HAIR AS IT IS A NATURAL PRODUCT.EXTEND YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY
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jenny barror
I've had the girls do my extensions 3 times now and was delighted everytime with them.........my hair was in great condition after each time too prob due to the fact I wasnt constantly blowdrying or straightening my own hair....these extensions just fall into place with little effort.
Added 9th Oct 2008
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