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Newcastle, Co. Dublin
At Rustic Motion Films, we are a team of storytellers and film-makers armed with passion and the tools to visually capture and tell the story of you on one of the most important days in your life. We are specialised in wedding cinematography and work all around the country and we'll even travel around the world to capture your wedding day in an unforgettable way (see our Destination Weddings page).With a refreshing style that embodies the emotional, captivating and engaging stories of each one of our couples, we provide a one of a kind experience for the modern bride and groom. 
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Tracy & John
? Dear Danny,
Thank you so much for turning our wedding day into such a fantastic film! Well done!
When we first started looking for a videographer we knew we wanted to capture a moment in time.
Wedding videos can be boring ...sitting watching a 3 hour DVD, fast forwarding to the good bits etc. But when we seen the concept of the "wedding film" we knew it was the type of DVD we were looking for.

When we first met Danny to discuss the details from the wedding we knew we were in the capable hands of a professional. He was very focused on delivering a fully professional film based on something he is very passionate about.
The idea of two cameramen made us a bit nervous as we didn't want the wedding to become a festival of camera and lights, but those fears were very quickly put to rest. We barely noticed Danny and Daniel on the day and they made us feel so calm that we were able to really enjoy the day. Having two cameras really made a difference on the day - while one was capturing details in the church, the other was filming the groom arriving.... while one was videoing the parents emotions, the other was focusing on the priest's every word - with only one video camera some if these moments would have been missed for sure! The editing of the DVD has been something else ...when we first saw the wedding trailer online (a few days after the wedding) and in HD (and boy what a difference HD makes!!), we were blown away. The combination of the priest?s words along with the music and video footage brought tears to our eyes.

We then asked the guys if they could help us create a ?Thank you DVD? so we could share some of this fantastic footage with our problem and they delivered another brilliant production! Our guests continue to talk about the thank you DVD.

As for the final DVD...the results are just as fantastic. We get a wedding "film" of 20-25mins to share with our friends and family and they don't get bored ...they get captured into the film every time...along with the full version of the day. The blu ray version also makes a difference the quality and clarity is superb!

Lads, thank you so very much! We had a fantastic day and you captured it in a style! We hope ye don't get picked up by Hollywood ;) as I'm sure there are a good few brides and grooms out there who would love the gift of a wedding film as you have given us! Thanks again!!!
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