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Say "I DO" with sásta!Get in the best shape of your life for you special day! Take advantage of our special "I DO" special offer for brides, grooms and all the bridal party. Lose a clothes size in four weeks or get your money back!The Irish made and patented sásta fitness pod is the star of our business. IN POD WE TRUST! You exercise by walking or running in a vacuum which intensifies your workout and your results. This pod, our welcoming studio and the one to one tailored support we give in terms of the sásta low GL meal plan, personal trainer motivation, body sculpting and weekly food diary & measurement reviews means that sásta achieves much more powerful results than a standard gym or weight loss scheme. Clients come in by appointment so the time saving pod workout of just minutes really appeals to busy people. The sásta shape up BRIDAL CHALLENGE:we are giving away the opportunity get in the best shape of your life for your special day. We are looking for an outgoing Bride, Groom and two of your bridal party to follow the sásta Health, Fitness and Weight Loss Plan for 8 weeks, FREE OF CHARGE!Our locations:sásta AthloneT: E: ásta Carrick on ShannonT: E: ásta CorkT: E: ásta NaasT: M: E: ásta SligoM: E:
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Jimmy Stenson, 45, Dad of 4, GAA Referee and working shifts as a Garda
I started s?sta weighing 20st 5.4lbs, and I have tried countless diets and exercises. Nothing had worked for me until now. With a family wedding fast approaching, I joined s?sta determined to be in good shape for it. In 8 weeks, I lost 1st 5.2 lb and
48.5 cms. I reduced my body fat % by almost 8%. I am very pleased with my results. I tried on my suit for the family wedding about and it is two sizes too big for me so I have to go and buy a new suit! Not only has s?sta brought me back to exercise, I am now very conscious of what I am eating and can make much better choices to fit into my lifestyle.
Added 24th Jun 2014
Anna, 34, mum of two
I have been trying to lose weight for a few years and feel that my weight is holding me back. I wanted to change, but found it so hard on my own and I just didn?t know where to start, so that?s why I joined s?sta. My starting weight was 12st 9.4lbs and 8 weeks later I have lost 1st 3.6lb and measure 40cm?s less. I also reduced my body fat% by 4.5%. s?sta was a fantastic experience for me, I did not think I would be able for it. I definitely have more energy and am sleeping much better. Losing the weight has definitely helped my confidence. I am much more aware of what I am eating and how I?m eating and I do not eat just for the sake of eating
Trevor, 24, Student Hairdresser
Before joining s?sta I felt like my weight was holding me back and I had picked up many bad eating habits through the years. I was determined to do something about it. After just 8 weeks of doing the s?sta programme I lost an amazing 1st 8lb and lost 41.5cm?s. I feel fantastic and I have really enjoyed every minute. The biggest change for me has been getting into the habit of exercising and really enjoying it. I now have a more structured eating approach; I know when to eat and what to eat. As a result, I feel a lot healthier. I am not as tired nor as not cranky or moody in the mornings! I did a peak flow test before starting with s?sta -it was at 350 and has now gone up to 600. My asthma is completely gone!
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Caroline Mitchell, 36, Mum of 5
As a mum of 5, working in a playschool and studying for a Childcare qualification I have quite a busy lifestyle which resulted in me making poor food choices and not getting a lot of exercise. That is why s?sta worked so well for me as they have quick workout times of just 30 minutes. In 8 weeks I lost 1st 5.2lb and my measurements reduced by 47cm?s. I also reduced my body fat% by 6.7%. The s?sta meal plan is a plan for life and for all the family. s?sta was tough at first but now I am addicted! I really enjoy coming in and getting on the s?sta pod and doing my Body Sculpting exercises. For me, the biggest difference really is the weight loss results. When I am putting on clothes I feel I now have a shape. I am so much fitter, healthier and I feel so much better.