Simply Wedding Videos

Lucan, Co. Dublin
Simply Wedding Videos tries to specialise in a more cinematic, less formal style, from behind the scenes, as I really believe that is how your atmosphere and day should be captured. This allows me to produce a film that truly is unique to you guys - your family and guests interacting and enjoying themselves, without the intrusion of a cameraman stuck in front of them. There will be no staging or posing for the camera - in fact, I don't want you guys seeing me or the camera at all! I was also one of the finalists in the Weddings Online 'Wedding Videographer of the Year' Awards : an achievement I'm very proud of considering the quality of the competition!The total length of my films are also some of the longest in the country - typically averaging over 2 and a half to 3 hours in length (sometimes a lot more if the speeches get rolling!), so it really does come down to the preference and priorities of the couple on how good or professional they would like their film to be. I also stick to a fairly simple pricing structure where I don’t offer any ‘bronze, silver or gold’ packages: it is the one package, ALL inclusive, ALL day - from beginning to end with everything included.I also believe it is really important to meet every couple beforehand. This gives the couple the opportunity to see more of my work in detail, and just as importantly - get to meet me! I honestly think it is important that the couple actually likes their wedding videographer (they are going to be around for - hours on the day after all!), as you need to be confident and comfortable that your videographer is going to get on well with your family and guests, so as everyone is relaxed and being themselves. Also, you want to be happy that your wedding videographer 'gets you' (for want of a better term!), so will be able to create something that is personal and unique to you, that captures your atmosphere and personalities. NONE of my films are the same, and I don't stick to a template: I will genuinely try and absorb the atmosphere of the day and gain an understanding of your personalities which - coupled with your music choice for the film - will allow me to create something you guys will absolutely love. If you haven't shed tears by the end of it - I haven't done my job at all!Oh, and I will NOT be taking out a contract or diary asking you to make a decision at the meeting, that is most definitely not my style! We chat, watch some films, drink some tea or coffee and hopefully have a laugh: It's a big decision, and you guys will want time to think about it - and just as importantly - see other videographers too. So we just take that off the table from the beginning: I PROMISE I won't even dare think about asking you to make a decision - as I said, it just isn't my style.So please feel free to drop me a mail or a call, have a look at my work, and if you'd like to take that next step to a meeting - just give me a shout and I'm sure we can arrange something that suits us all. Depending on where you live (and I’ve had many a late night/early morning Skype call to Canada and Australia!!), I can come out to you guys, or if you are ever in the area, you are more than welcome to see me here in Lucan: I'll have the kettle on and the biscuit tin full! :0)
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